Is Nick Dead on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’? [SPOILERS]


Tonight’s premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 will likely focus a lot on Morgan, but that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t really worried about Nick. Is Nick dead in Fear the Walking Dead or did he survive? This post has major spoilers about whether or not Nick survived, along with some spoiler photos and videos, so only read on if you don’t mind being spoiled. 

Yes, Nick did survive the Season 3 finale of Fear the Walking Dead. Leaks and spoilers didn’t reveal exactly how he survived, only that he made it and he and Morgan will be interacting soon. Here are some photos released by AMC that reveal Nick’s still around:


Here are some spoiler videos showing Nick and Morgan interacting in future episodes:

The series isn’t trying too hard to keep this a secret, since it even included Nick and Morgan’s interaction in a trailer:

In case you don’t remember how Season 3 ended and why fans were so worried about Nick, here are the details in a synopsis of the finale.

Nick and Madison are having a serious disagreement over her decision to kill Troy near the beginning of the last episode, (which no one was expecting.) Nick is concerned she might kill him one day if he does something she doesn’t approve of. But to her, Troy was far too much of a threat, after all he had done.

Meanwhile, Lola leaves an injured Daniel (who was shot by Victor) in a hiding place at the dam, while Alicia treats John after a surgery. John, the leader of the Proctors, reveals that he knows she somehow knows Victor, so she tells him the back story about how Victor helped the family escape LA. She says she hopes her mom is at the dam. John reveals that yes, Madison is there, and a deal was in place to spare her life. But the deal was broken and he doesn’t know if she’s alive anymore. Alicia promises she will continue working for John if he spares Madison, and go to Houston with him.

Victor planned to smuggle Madison and Nick out of the dam, which is now under siege by the Proctors, in workers’ uniforms. Victor’s plan is falling apart. They’re exposed when he tries to sneak them across the bridge. So John takes everyone back to an office in the dam, letting Alicia and Madison reunite. But John finds out that Nick was the one who warned the dam about the coming invasion, and now he feels like he just has to kill everyone. So he lets everyone say their last goodbyes and marches them to the bridge.

But Nick has taken Victor’s detonator. Now he’s in control. He says that Victor must take Madison and Alicia to a boat upstream, giving them a headstart when John follows them. Nick isn’t afraid to die. During all of this, Daniel makes his way onto the bridge too.

Nick watches his family leaving on a boat. John tries to change Nick’s mind about blowing everyone up, but Nick wants the people to have the water again. The Proctors try to take the detonator back, but they are shot by Walker and Crazy Dog. Nick pushes the button anyway, destroying the dam. Madison and Alicia and Victor are sucked into a current, into a hole in the dam, down a waterfall. Walker and Crazy Dog head north. Madison finds herself on solid ground. She can’t see Alicia or Victor anywhere. We know Madison is alive at the end, but we don’t know about Alicia, Nick, or Victor.

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