Jake Anderson, ‘Deadliest Catch’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jake Anderson Deadliest Catch


Jake Anderson is one of the stars of Deadliest Catch, and this season, fans are becoming even better acquainted with the fishing captain.

Here’s what you should know about Captain Jake Anderson:

1. He Is a Fourth Generation Fisherman

Jake made his Deadliest Catch debut during season three in 2007. He was born in Forks, Washington, and raised in the fishing town of Anacortes, Washington.

Anderson began fishing salmon in Alaska at age 17.

2. His Father Vanished and His Sister Passed Away

Jake’s father, Keith A. Anderson, vanished on January 6, 2010.

His family reported him missing after he did not return home from a trip. According to Komo News, Keith’s phone and truck were found about two weeks after he was reported missing, in a desolate area. Eventually, Keith’s remains were found about one mile from where his truck had been located.

Jake’s sister, Chelsea Dawn Anderson, passed away in 2009. According to her obituary, Chelsea passed away from complications with pneumonia.

Jake was abord the Northwestern when he heard about his sister’s passing. Shortly after her passing, Jake got a tattoo with her face and a halo.

3. He Has Overcome a Drug Addiction

Anderson has been very open about his struggle with drugs.

At 19, Jake broke his ankle, according to goanacortes.com, it was this incident that led to him drinking and pot. “He continued in a downward spiral, getting into harder drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine.”

Jake was able to give up meth, but before long, he was addicted to painkillers. He has now been sober since July 10, 2009. Jake explains to Deadliest Catch that it was the death of his sister that forced him to clean up for good.

Jake spent many episodes of Deadliest Catch getting sober while on the boat. “The guys had no choice but to buck up and work, and needed to focus on what we needed to do — which is make money,” Sig tells DC cameras. Luckily, Jake was able to get his act together and earn himself a spot on the Northwestern.

He tells Deadliest Catch cameras, “I just wanted to be part of them.”

4. He Is a Skateboarder

When he isn’t busy exploring the open seas, Anderson is a skateboarder. He’s sponsored by DVS Shoes.

In an interview with the company, he explained that he bought his first pair of DVS shoes in 1998. Asked what shoe he picked and why, he said, “I picked Torey Mid. I have always been into skating ever since I was a kid. I can actually work and wear these on the boat, instead of being able to wear them around town. Yes I hooked up the whole NW crew with the shoes and they’re hyped.”

Anderson began skateboarding at age 13 in Los Angeles. At age 19, he began skating for local shops. And how did crab fishing come along? Jake says, “I couldn’t skate anymore and couldn’t pay my bills. It was my plan b.”

5. He Is Married with a Son

Anderson and his wife, Jenna, live in Seattle. They married in 2012. Constantly busy with work, Jake was present for Aiden’s birth, but had to leave just two days later for Alaska.

Like Jake, Jenna is a former skateboarder, also sponsored by DVS shoes. J