Logan Delos & ‘Westworld’ [Season 2 Episode 2]

Logan Delos

HBO Logan Delos

Fans finally got the confirmation they were waiting for in Season 2 Episode 2 of Westworld tonight. This post has major spoilers for the second episode.

Yes, you heard that scene correctly. We now know officially that Delos Inc. is named after Logan’s family. Logan’s full name is Logan Delos, as revealed at the beginning of Episode 2 when the Argos Institute pitched Westworld to Delos for the very first time. The original pitch was given to Logan, when he was shocked to learn that everyone, including the person pitching to him, was a host.

Fans have long suspected this, but now they know for certain.

Prior to this, Logan was thinking about virtual technology, but he quickly moved on when he saw how far robotic technology had gotten.

The show had not revealed previously that Logan was indeed a Delos. But now we know that he is. And later in the episode, we met his father, James Delos. After Logan introduced William to Westworld, William introduced James Delos. And this may be the beginning of the twisting of Ford and Arnold’s original vision for the world.

Logan hints at this when he talks to Dolores later. “May your forever be blissfully short,” he says, after talking about how the celebration that William and James are having is basically celebrating the end end of humanity, and they lit the flame.

This is a developing story.

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