Who Is Michael Cusack of ‘Rick and Morty Bushworld Adventures’?

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The writer and producer for the new Rick and Morty Bushworld Adventures is Michael Cusack. No, this wasn’t created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, and that’s why so much of the episode is so very different. Read on to learn more about Michael Cusack.

Michael Cusack is an Australian animator with Gillsberry. Yes, that’s why the Bushworld episode was all about Australia. Cusack is the creator of Ciggy Butt Brain, featured in the series Damo and Darren. Watch a clip below. It’s very similar to the animation in Bushworld. (And yes, there is some profanity in the video below, if that concerns you.)

Damo and Darren is a popular YouTube series by Cusack about two alcoholics. The 2:32 “Ciggy Butt Man” video was hugely popular, clocking in with more than 7 million views to date. Cusack does the voices for Damo and Darren, and those voices sound quite a bit similar to Rick and Morty’s Bushworld voices, if you think about it.

Cusack grew up in Wollongong, and he describes his characters as derros and yobbos, ABC.net reported. He said that growing up, Damos and Darrens were “everywhere” but he never saw them portrayed on TV. And he wondered what was so wrong with showing real people on TV, so he created this series. But he does admit a downside: “I know I’m making fun of underprivileged people and it’s bad. It is bad. I can see it’s bad. But it’s funny. I don’t know, it’s fun to draw those characters that you see every day.”

Cusack was very excited for the opportunity with Rick and Morty and he’s been tweeting about it ever since the surprise episode released. Although his team provided much of the animation, Studio Yotta also helped. Studio Yotta also animated the recent Run the Jewels video for Rick and Morty. 

The music for the episode was provided by Glu Vibrations, aka Brendan Caulfield. He’s also from Wollongong, New South Wales.

Cusack didn’t write the episode alone. He had some help:

Cusack has created quite a few videos. He has five in the Damo and Darren series on his Gillsberry website, along with Plasma TV, Teacup Disco, Chuck Her in the Ute, Woolies, Weedheads, Yolo, and more. You can see all his videos on his YouTube channel here. And now he’s had a chance to create an Australian version of Rick and Morty. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.