Sonja Morgan Marriage to Ex-Husband John Adams Morgan Put on Blast on RHONY

Sonja Morgan Husband


Sonja Morgan has been rubbing fellow Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley the wrong way. Though Medley has been making an effort to repair their friendship, Morgan strikes a nerve with her when she compares her marriage to ex-husband John Adams Morgan to Medley’s husband, who died. Medley becomes extremely offended and accuses Morgan of cheating on her ex-husband throughout their marriage. Medley claims that Morgan cheated on her ex all over the south of France. According to Life & Style Magazine, Medley alleged, “You got divorced how many years ago? … And we talk about Mr. Morgan like he was just having tea in your house! … Your husband left you, and my husband died. People were f–king around. So don’t you dare compare your f–king marriage to me burying my husband. Because you were f–king around on the South of France!”

So, who is John Adams Morgan? He comes from a very successful family, as his father was the co-founder of Morgan Stanley and his great-grandfather was the founder of J.P. Morgan & Co. The family are also descendants of U.S. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. John Adams Morgan, himself, is the founder of Morgan Joseph and he was actually an Olympic champion. In 1952, he won a gold medal in the 6 metre class at the Olympics in Helsinki.

In his life, Morgan has been married several times. His first wife was Elizabeth Robbins Choate and the two were married from 1953 to 1957. Tonia Goss was his second wife and Sonja (Tremont) Morgan was actually his fourth wife. They were married from 1998 to 2006. At some point before Sonja Morgan, there was another wife, but there is not much information on her identity or when they were married. In 2010, Morgan then married Connie H. Morgan.

So, what went wrong in Sonja and John Adams Morgan’s marriage? When talking about their divorce to the New York Post in 2006, the housewife said, “You wouldn’t believe the story … There were some people I shouldn’t have trusted.”

But, Ms. Morgan said her marriage was actually a good one, telling the Post, “He was relentless. And when he asked me out on a dinner date, finally, after he sent me a letter and flowers and chocolates, I said, ‘OK, let’s go to dinner.’ After the dinner, he proposed. He really loved me. He was perfect … He was a good husband, and he was a great lover. It was an excellent marriage.”

Together, Sonja and John Adams Morgan had one daughter, a girl named Quincy Adams Morgan. Morgan revealed to Bravo that her daughter actually goes to boarding school and lives away from her, though she is just a teen. She told The Daily Dish that, “She’s at boarding school and she’s thriving, but it was hard for me when she left ’cause we were very close and living together here … She’s very happy where she is, but we miss each other. Thanks to texting these days — we text constantly, which kind of gives me more anxiety ’cause she’s an overachiever so everything she tells me is on top of me.”

When describing the relationship she and her ex-husband have with their daughter, according to Life & Style, Morgan said, “She’s the joy of my life, she’s a straight-A student, she’s humble, she’s a sensitive person. [She’s] conscientious — a little anxious about, you know, which college she’s going to … She’s like her mother! She has the creativity that my husband and I both have. He likes photography and I’m into fashion and creating.” Quincy has made appearances on RHONY, though her father has never appeared on the show.

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