‘The Voice’ 2018 Top 12 Contestants & Their Teams

The Voice 2018 Top 12

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

On The Voice 2018 tonight, the top 12 contestants perform, in hopes of becoming another step closer to being the winner of season 14. Tonight, they each bring their “A game” and tomorrow, the at-home voting results will determine who will be saved and who will be eliminated. Get to know each of the top 12 contestants in our rundown below, along with the teams they each belong to in the competition. Plus, get the spoilers on the songs they are each reportedly performing tonight.

Pryor Baird

Baird is a part of Blake Shelton’s team this season and he is performing the song “Pickin’ Wildflowers” tonight. Baird hails from Nashville, Tennessee and he is happy to be living out his dreams on the Voice stage. Originally, Baird dropped out of college to pursue music and he had some success with a band, but paying the bills sometimes made chasing his music dreams difficult, according to NBC.

Spensha Baker

Baker is another contestant on Blake Shelton’s team and for her performance tonight, she is singing “Down on My Knees”. In an interview with Reality TV World, Baker said she gets advice from her mother, explaining that, “My mom said it best, you know, ‘Nothing is a shoo-in, nothing is guaranteed, so you really have to give your best each time and pray that it will work out.”

And when it comes to the kind of music Baker likes to focus on, she said, “I think country, you know, I always say that my voice has a soulful aspect to it. I think we can hear a little bit more of that on country radio right now. And so, I think in terms of musical direction, that’s sort of the lane that I would fit into, along the lines of Chris Stapleton and Maren Morris, etc.” With her love of country, Shelton was a good choice as a coach.

Britton Buchanan

Britton Buchanan is performing the song “Small Town” tonight and his designated coach is Alicia Keys. He was one of the first contestants voted through by the public, into the top 12.

Buchanan has a mature voice, especially for his age, and can also play the guitar. He has surely been winning the hearts of teens across the country. In an interview with the Sanford Herald, Buchanan said that he’s been fortunate enough on the show to have gotten to perform songs that he already knows or is familiar with. He joked that if he got assigned a song he didn’t know, he might have a panic attack.

Sharane Callister

Callister is a member of Team Adam Levine and for her top 12 performance, she will deliver a rendition of the song “In My Blood.” Calister hails from Des Moines, Iowa and she had a tough upbringing. According to her NBC bio, “At 10, Sharane was adopted by an older cousin while her twin sister was adopted by an outside family member. Sharane’s adoptive mom was soon diagnosed with breast cancer – a battle she continues to fight today. The violin became an escape for Sharane during these difficult times. It wasn’t until high school gospel choir that Sharane and her sister were finally reunited.” Initially, Calister was a part of Alicia Keys’ team this season, but she was stolen by Levine.

Brynn Cartelli

Brynn Cartelli hails from Kelly Clarkson’s team and she is set to perform the song “Up to the Mountain” tonight. Singer Brynn Cartelli is only 14 years old and she already is a force to be reckoned with on The Voice, as she is one of the front-runners this season. She is currently juggling a busy school schedule, while also playing lacrosse, but she has been able to continue to excel on the show.

Recently, Cartelli spoke with Mass Live about her experience on the show and she said that, “The reality of being at The Voice hasn’t sunk in yet. I am still in this competition so it seems like normal life even though it’s all a dream come true.”

Christiana Danielle

As a part of Alicia Keys’ team, Danielle will take the stage this evening to perform the song “Say Something.” According to NBC, Danielle grew up singing in churches, youth centers, hospitals and other facilities, so being on The Voice is an entirely different animal. In addition to music, Danielle has a passion for social work, which is her current career. Through music, on the show, she hopes to bring awareness to mental illness issues.

Jackie Foster

Jackie Foster is a part of Alicia Keys’ team as well and she will be performing a rendition of “Toxic” tonight. Foster comes from a completely musical family, with a guitar-playing father and siblings who sing. It’s no wonder she has such a passion for music. Foster went on to get a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music, according to Idol Chattery.

Kyle Jade

Kyla Jade is on Team Blake Shelton this season and for her top 12 performance, she will be singing “One Night Only.” Some may remember Jade as a part of BET’s gospel show Bobby Jones Gospel, but now she is taking center stage on The Voice. She also has performed as a backup singer for former Voice coach Jennifer Hudson. Jade said that her musical influences stem from her Pentecostal church and her mom. She grew up singing in church.

D.R. King

D.R. King is one of the singers on Kelly Clarkson’s team and she is set to take the stage to perform the song “White Flag.” According to People, D.R. King’s first musical influences were from his father, but when they separated, he lost contact with his father. Currently, King lives in Harlem.

RayShun LaMarr

LaMarr is a member of Adam Levine’s team and he is going to sing the song “When Love Takes Over” on tonight’s show. One thing about LaMarr is his infectious, positive spirit and high energy. For a couple years, LaMarr had to put his music dreams on hold, according to NBC. His official NBC bio reveals that, “He was diagnosed with lymphoma and multicentric Castleman’s disease, a rare genetic disorder. Rayshun lost much of his hearing, vision and voice. After two years of intense treatment, Rayshun is cancer-free and has regained his sight, hearing and vocals, enabling him to start performing again.”

Kaleb Lee

Kaleb Lee is a contestant on Kelly Clarkson’s team and he is performing a rendition of the song “Amazed.” Over the years, according to People, Lee has used music as an emotional outlet. He has been singing and playing the guitar since he was a child. Lee then went on to marry his wife Meagan and began leading worship for a church, though he still tried to pursue music. Unfortunately, his musical dreams did not yet come to fruition. He did, however, grow a family with his wife and the two now share two daughters, along with their adopted son.

Jackie Verna

Jackie Verna is one of the artists on Adam Levine’s team this season and she will give a performance of the song “I’m With You.” In 2012, Verna was hit by a car that went through a red light and Verna was left with major injuries. The accident took a toll on her and she became extremely introverted. Music helped her get through her recovery, according to NBC.