‘The Voice’ Former Winners Are Key Advisers for Season 14

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Tonight begins part 1 of 2 for the Knockouts on The Voice 2018 and the contestants will get to benefit from a little advice from the key advisers for this season. Previously, four star mentors individually joined each team for the battle rounds – Hailee Steinfeld came aboard Team Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes teamed up with Alicia Keys, Trace Adkins helped out Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine enlisted Julia Michaels as a mentor. At this point in the season, the role of key adviser is either taken on by one megastar or multiple ones. As a change, this season’s key advisors are made up of four former winners from the show. Returning to The Voice are Cassadee Pope, Chris Blue, Jordan Smith and Chloe Kohanski. Get to know what each of them have been up to since their big wins and what they’re doing now.

Cassadee Pope

Cassadee Pope became a winner on Blake Shelton’s team, but this season, she returns as an adviser for Kelly Clarkson’s team members. All of the other key advisers will be helping their respective coach from when they were first on the show as a contestant. In one clip of the show, Pope lends out some wisdom, saying, “After the show it becomes a reality and you start to realize, ‘I need to prove that I can live beyond the show.'” Cassadee Pope has had a great deal of success since being on the show and has performed at several awards shows. Currently, she is engage to fiance Rian Dawson.

Chris Blue

Chris Blue won The Voice on Alicia Keys’ team, so he’s back to help her new batch of singers. Parade has reported Blue saying that, “I know exactly what they’re going through right now. When you know how great you are, don’t be afraid to try those things you feel, because when you feel it, everybody else feels it.” Blue won season 12 of the show and appeared on the season 13 finale just after he release his song “Blue Blood Blues.” When it comes to Blue’s personal life, he is reportely engaged to future wife Stephanie Dunkley.

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith won The Voice in 2015, as part of Adam Levine’s team. At the time, he was dating girlfriend Kristen Denny and after his run on the show, Denny became Smith’s wife. Smith started out singing in church and his voice was a huge surprise to the judges, along with America. Since his run on the show, Smith has been one of the greatest successes to come out of The Voice, so he surely has great advice to give contestants. And, because Smith was made a winner with the help of Adam Levine, it’s his team that he’ll be advising on the show. Smith said that what’s most important is to trust one’s instincts.

Chloe Kohanski

According to Parade, Kohanski recently said that she can totally relate to this season’s contestants, explaining that, “In my situation, it is insane to already be on the other side. To look at them and think, ‘I remember sweating, standing where you’re standing.’ In a way it was super humbling.” When Kohanski was on the show, she won with the help of her then-coach Blake Shelton. So, she’s back on the show as his key adviser. When she isn’t performing or appearing on The Voice, Kohanski most likely tries to spend time with her reported boyfriend, Hunter Airheart.