Why Is ‘Riverdale’ a Rerun Tonight? When Does the Show Return?

riverdale rerun tonight

The CW When does Riverdale return?

If you were excited about watching a new episode of Riverdale tonight, then you’ll be very disappointed when you settle down for a new episode and find out that a rerun is airing. Tonight, instead of a new episode, The CW is airing Season 2 Episode 13 again, “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Sadly, there isn’t a new Riverdale this week. Why isn’t the show on tonight and when can you expect a new episode?

We won’t have another new episode of Riverdale until Wednesday, April 18 on The CW. You’ll also be waiting this long to see Riverdale again even if you’re watching it outside the U.S.  Internationally, Riverdale is released on Netflix every Thursday the day after it airs in the United States. Viewers outside the U.S. will be waiting until Thursday, April 19 to see Riverdale again on Netflix. So next week, fans won’t be able to watch a new episode either. This certainly isn’t welcome news for fans.

The CW hasn’t officially stated why it is taking another hiatus so soon after the last one. The show just returned less than a month ago on March 7. But the reason likely has to do with trying to time certain episodes to happen during May Sweeps. The CW often builds hiatuses strategically into its series to make sure they can take advantage of sweeps later in the spring. Last year, for example, The CW put The 100 on a three-week break in April because of Sweeps, so it’s not a big surprise they’d do the same thing with Riverdale this year. This year, May Sweeps takes place from April 26 – May 23. “Sweeps” refers to the time when Nielsen uses diaries to collect viewing information from sample U.S. homes. Nielsen typically processes about two million diaries during sweeps periods that take place in November, February, May, and July. This can inform program scheduling and advertising decisions, so networks try to make sure they’re showing their best episodes during that period. So if you’re annoyed about the show not being on, know that this change in schedule helps the show continue to be renewed. Riverdale has already been renewed for next season, but this will give it a better shot at even more renewals.

The next new episode of Riverdale, airing on April 18, will be a musical episode based on the Stephen King classic Carrie. The episode is called “A Night to Remember.” Here’s a synopsis from The CW: “As Riverdale High begins rehearsals for its upcoming production of Carrie the Musical, the arrival of an ominous letter forces director Kevin (Casey Cott) to make a difficult decision about the show. Jughead (Cole Sprouse) uses his cover as the musical’s documentarian to solve the mystery behind the letter. Meanwhile, tensions between Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) continue to escalate just as Alice (Madchen Amick) announces she is joining the musical to spend more time with Betty. Elsewhere, Hiram (Mark Consuelos) enacts a devious plan to further drive a wedge between Fred (Luke Perry) and Archie (KJ Apa), while Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) channels Carrie White during a showdown with her mother.”

You can watch an extended promo below:

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