How Many Episodes Are in ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5?


If you’re watching Arrested Development Season 5, which was just released on Netflix, then you might be wondering how many episodes you’re supposed to be seeing. Well, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. So far there are only eight episodes released. But don’t despair. More episodes are coming.

Season 5 of Arrested Development will have 16 episodes this season. But you’re only seeing eight episodes so far because Netflix has decided to take an unusual step and split the season in half. An exact premiere date for the second half of the season hasn’t yet been announced, but it will be released sometime later in 2018.

The first eight episodes of Season 5 are:

  • Episode 1: Family Leave
  • Episode 2: Self-Deportation
  • Episode 3: Everyone Gets Atrophy
  • Episode 4: Old Start, An
  • Episode 5: Sinking Feelings
  • Episode 6: Emotional Baggage
  • Episode 7: Rom-Traum
  • Episode 8: Premature Independence

Every episode is 26 to 28 minutes long except the last two episodes, which clock just a bit longer at 31 minutes and 36 minutes each.

Season 5 is really good. Yes, the first episode doesn’t quite capture the feeling of the earlier seasons, since the family isn’t all together yet. But the rest of the episodes really do bring back that old charm that we loved about the show, but wasn’t quite there in Season 4. In fact, that’s why the Arrested Development intro returns to its original form, talking about the son who is forced to bring his family back together. Season 5 is a huge improvement and it’s absolutely hilarious (in a true laugh-out-loud kind of way.)

Although splitting seasons is unusual for Netflix, it’s not completely foreign to the company. Netflix has split seasons for a few select series, typically comedies like The Ranch or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s likely that the first half of this season was released now so that it would be available for Emmy consideration. (The deadline for Emmy consideration is May 31.)

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Some fans are already excited about the new season.

You can watch Arrested Development on Netflix, or just go directly to the series here.

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