Margot Kidder’s Cause of Death: How Did the Actress Die?

Getty Actress Margot Kidder signs autographs in 2005.

Margot Kidder has passed away at the age of 69. She was widely known for her role as Lois Lane in the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. How did she die?

At this point, her exact cause of death has not been revealed, however we do know that she was fighting the flu days before she passed away, TMZ reportedJust four days before she died, she talked about struggling with her flu symptoms during a phone interview with The Drew and Mike Show in Detroit. You can listen to the interview below.

During the interview, she said that she was in bed with the flu, and her voice sounded rough and raspy. She said she was “puking every hour and a half” and the flu was “not fun,” TMZ reported. It’s not known at this time if her death was related in any way to flu complications.

Margot Kidder passed away at her home on Sunday in Montana. She was still in good enough health to be taking on stage roles, including The Vagina Monologues on Broadway. She also had two more roles yet to be released, TMZ reported. Her obituary also says simply that she passed away at her home, and does not mention her cause of death. So far, her manager has not returned requests from the media for comments about her cause of death.

However, she had been struggling with bipolar disorder for years. In 1996, she was briefly homeless during her struggle and she became a very public advocate for mental health. It’s not known at this time if her bipolar disorder had any connection to her death.

Since the 2000s, her acting career had picked back up again and she was starring on Smallville, Brothers and Sisters, the L Word, R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, and she was appearing on Broadway.

Kidder was born one of five children to Jocelyn Marry “Jill” and Kendall Kidder. Her niece, Janet Kidder, is also an actress.

Margot Kidder’s film debut was a 1968 drama set in a Canadian logging community. Her first major feature was Gaily, Gaily with Beau Bridges. In 1970 she starred in Quackser opposite Gene Wilder, and a year later was cast in Sisters. She gained widespread recognition when she was cast as Lois Lane in the Superman movies opposite Christopher Reeve. But she has also starred opposite Robert Redford, Peter Fonda, and other well-known actors.

Kidder dated former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin Trudeau. She also dated directors Brian De Palma, Tom Mankiewicz, Steven Spielberg, and Richard Pryor. Her first husband was novelist Thomas McGuane. She was also married to John Heart for six days, and was married to Philippe de Broca for about a year. She has one daughter, Maggie McGuane, and two grandchildren.

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