Molly Moorish: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Molly Moorish is the long-lost daughter of former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. The now-solo star introduced his 21-year-old daughter to the world in an Instagram post on May 23. Moorish was born to singer Lisa Moorish when she had an affair with Gallagher, 43, during his marriage to actress Patsy Kensit in the 1990s.

In the Instagram post, Moorish and Gallagher are joined by the singer’s other sons, Lennon and Gene. Lennon’s mother is Patsy Kensit and Gene’s is former All Saints singer Nicole Appleton. The BBC reports that the meeting took place prior to Gallagher’s gig in London as an opening act for the Rolling Stones. Moorish also posted the photo on her Instagram page with the caption, “As You Were,” a reference to Gallagher’s first solo album.

The singer has another daughter with U.S. journalist Liza Ghorbani, Gemma, who was born in 2012.

Moorish’s mother, Lisa, is best known for her time as the lead singer of the band Kill City in the early 2000s. She also had a brief career as a solo singer in the 1990s and has collaborated with artists as diverse as George Michael, Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell and Irish indie band, Ash.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Moorish Is an Aspiring Model

Molly Moorish photos pictures

GettyMoorish pictured in February 2018.

Moorish’s Instagram page is littered with professional modeling photos. In her bio section, Moorish says she is represented by Select Model Management. The agency has a bio section for Moorish on their website. On May 7, Moorish posted a video showing her modeling Tommy Hilfiger clohting for Glamor magazine:

Moorish says on her Facebook page that she is a resident of London. Moorish was featured in Vogue’s UK edition in March 2018.

2. Moorish Was Rumored to Be Dating Jude Law’s Son

Molly Moorish photos pictures


The Daily Mail reported in 2016 that Moorish was dating Jude Law’s son, Rafferty Law. He’s the son of Jude Law’s and his former wife, Sadie Frost. On her Facebook page, Moorish said in 2012 that she was in a relationship. The Daily Mail article based their theory on Moorish and Law being seen “cozying up” to each other in London’s Soho neighborhood after attending a “risque cabaret show.” The London Evening Standard has also reported that Moorish and Law have been seen “carousing” together in the English capital.

3. In 2017, Moorish Posted a Photo Showing Her With Liam’s Brother Noel, Saying Her Noel Was a Better Father

The Daily Mail reported that Gallagher “narrowly” avoided running into Moorish at the 2018 Brit Awards in London. Gallagher said in a 2017 interview with GQ magazine that he “never got around” to meeting his daughter because he doesn’t get along with Lisa Moorish. Gallagher added, “Got no problem with the girl whatsoever. The girl’s been looked after and clothed and fed and sent to lovely schools. I bought them a house and all that tack. I just think she’s best off with her mum.” During the interview, Gallagher said that he was “open” to meeting his daughter. He also said, “They aren’t good when they are forced, these things. I think we leave it be. See what happens. Certainly [I] wouldn’t turn her away.” Gallagher said about his daughter’s mother, “She’s had her day in the sun … The kid I haven’t seen. We’ll see one day, but, no, not seen her. But if I met her, she’d be cool.”

The Daily Mail reported in 2010 that Gallagher was paying over $2,500 in child support for Moorish and he wasn’t on the birth certificate. In June 2017, Moorish posted a now-deleted photo showing her with Gallagher’s brother, Oasis songwriter, Noel Gallagher. The Daily Telegraph reported that the now-deleted post condemned Gallagher as a parent while also defending Noel Gallagagher not performing at Arian Grande’s One Lovev Mancester benefit concert. Moorish wrote, “Maybe he’s busy look after his kids and the daughter you’ve never event met!” The photo remains on Moorish’s mother’s Instagram page.

The Daily Mail reported in 2010 that Moorish referred to Gallagher as “the man from Manchester” and that Gallagher wanted Moorish to be aborted. Gallagher was quoted in the same article as having recently told the Sunday Times, “As she was growing up, I thought it was the best way, instead of having me popping in and arguing with the f*** ing woman.”

4. Lisa Moorish Had Previously Said Her Daughter’s Father Was Indie Drummer Justin Welch

Lisa Moorish photos pictures

GettyMoorish’s mother, Lisa.

Moorish was born to Lisa Moorish in March 1997. The Guardian reports that Moorish was conceived a week after Gallagher married Lethal Weapon 2 star Patsy Kensit while he was on tour in support of Oasis’ third album Be Here Now. Lisa Moorish had earlier maintained that her daughter’s father was Elastica drummer, Justin Welch. In 2003, Lisa Moorish had a second child with another rock and roll bad boy, The Libertines singer, Peter Doherty. Lisa Moorish told the Guardian, “I know that people are interested, and I understand why, but I don’t want that stuff to overshadow my life. It’s just the way it is. I’m a singer, I’m in a band, I’ve been out with musicians, I’ve had children with two different musicians. To me, it’s no big deal. I only get upset because I want people to listen to the songs. Listen to the LP or come and see my band. I don’t like it when people write about my life and don’t even mention the music.”

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Gallagher’s ex-wife, Kensit, told the Daily Mail that she had “zero” respect for the singer because of his constant infidelities in their relationship. Kensit said, “The week after he married me, he went to Los Angeles and slept with this girl Lisa Moorish, and got her pregnant. What a s***! She went through with the pregnancy. You can’t blame her. He dumped her for me and it wasn’t very nice. It is his child and when I was pregnant he was paying her to keep quiet. Everyone was lying to me about it.”

5. Gallagher Said in February 2018 in Reference to His American Daughter, ‘If You Need Anything, Give Us a Shout’

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In a February 2018 interview with the Daily Mirror Gallagher said in reference to his daughter, Gemma, that he had “not met the one in New York either. But I wish them well. If they ever need anything, give us a shout.”

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