‘Riverdale’ Finale: Who Is Cassidy & Who Killed Him?

Riverdale finale

The CW Riverdale finale

The character Cassidy Bullock plays an unexpectedly important role during the Riverdale Season 2 finale. The only problem is, a lot of fans are having trouble remembering just who Cassidy is and what happened to Cassidy. Never fear, we have all the answers right here. But warning: This article has major spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Riverdale. 

At the very end of the Riverdale Season 2 finale, Hiram Lodge still has one trick up his sleeve. He has Archie arrested for the murder of Cassidy. Archie exclaims that he did not kill Cassidy, but the corrupt new Sheriff doesn’t listen as he handcuffs Archie and leads him out of the school.

We know who killed Cassidy at Shadow Lake, and it definitely wasn’t Archie. Cassidy was last seen in Episode 14 of Riverdale, back when Archie and Hiram were still partners in crime. The episode was called “The Hills Have Eyes.”

Cassidy was a cashier in the nearby town, Shadow Lake, where Archie and his friends spent a weekend getaway. Cassidy appeared to be flirting with Veronica when she and Betty went to buy some supplies for their fun weekend. But it turns out, Cassidy had a very different motive. When Veronica told Cassidy she was visiting with friends  — but not her parents — Cassidy hatched a plan to rob Veronica and her friends.

A group of masked men break into the vacation cabin home (called the “Lodge Lodge”), ranting about rich summer folks. They demand Veronica’s purse and other items. Veronica remembers that the leader of the group is Cassidy, the cashier from the store. She presses an alarm button and Cassidy grabs Veronica’s locket from her neck as he takes off. Archie chases him out of the house, hell bent on revenge and never letting anyone get away like he did when the Black Hood shot his dad.

But Cassidy wasn’t killed by Archie. He was killed by Hiram’s assistant, Andre. Archie caught up to Cassidy in the woods and began beating him. But Andre stepped in and told Archie to leave. As Archie returned to the cabin, he could hear shots in the background. It was Andre killing Cassidy.

But now Hiram has framed Archie for Cassidy’s murder. And we’re going to be left until Season 3 to find out what happens next.

By the way, if you didn’t remember who Cassidy was, don’t worry. A lot of people didn’t. In fact, so many people didn’t remember Cassidy that it’s turning into a meme. Here are just a few memes and tweets from other fans who forgot.

Did you remember Cassidy? Let us know in the comments below.

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