‘The 100’ Is Returning June 5: Do We Know Why?

Why is The 100 taking a week off?

The CW Why is The 100 taking a week off?

Tongiht’s episode of The 100, “Shifting Sands,” was phenomenal. It was fast-paced, multi-layered, and incredible. But it also left fans with one sad revelation: we aren’t getting a new episode next week. The 100 isn’t returning until June 5. Do we have any idea why?

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t know exactly why the show is taking a week off. However, we have a pretty good guess. It’s likely due to a combination of the Memorial Day holiday and planning for July Sweeps.

The CW hasn’t made an official announcement about why the show is taking a week off, as of the time of publication. One possible reason is because of Memorial Day. The holiday is on May 28. That means The 100 might not want to air a new episode the day after the holiday. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s certainly one possibility.

There don’t appear to be any major sports events happening on May 29 that would compete with the show. And nothing major is airing on The CW either next week, just a rerun of The 100.  In fact, we scanned through all the major events happening on TV that night and didn’t see anything major. So more than likely, it’s a decision partially based on the holiday that ends the day before.

It might also have to do with May and July Sweeps. The CW often builds hiatuses strategically into its series to make sure they can take advantage of sweeps. Last year, for example, The CW put The 100 on a three-week break in April because of Sweeps. This year, May Sweeps took place from April 26 – May 23. That means that tonight’s episode was the last major episode of The 100 during May Sweeps (and they picked a good one.)

So The CW might also be planning for July Sweeps. Typically the season ends before July Sweeps happens, but because the show started later this year, The CW will actually be able to air the show during summer sweeps, which is June 28-July 26. Each season of The 100 has 13 to 16 episodes. That means we still have at least eight weeks or two months of episodes left.

The CW likely wants to make sure they air some of their best episodes during July Sweeps, thus the one week hiatus. Whatever the reason, we’re going to miss the show next week, and fans are already expressing their sadness about the news:


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