‘The 100’ Season 5 Episode 5: Is Octavia Turning Evil?

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Somebody has to say it… Is Octavia possibly turning evil? The latest episode of The 100 is leaving some fans concerned that this might be the case. Is it possible that The 100 writers would do this to Octavia? This post will have spoilers for Season 5 Episode 5 of The 100. After you finish the story, take our poll at the end and let us know what you think will happen to Octavia. 

Maybe, just maybe, Octavia is losing her soul… At least, that’s what some viewers are starting to be scared might be happening.

Most of this season, Octavia has been amazing. She’s a badass leader who could probably beat anyone in a fight in any post-apocalyptic world. She kept her crew alive for six years in a bunker, even though they were low on supplies. She turned opposing factions into “Wonkru.” She went from being Skaicru to being a Grounder to eventually leading everyone. And all that without being Nightblood. She did the impossible, and she did it with an amazing post-apocalyptic style.

But now it looks like it might be going to her head, and fans are starting to get worried.

In Season 5 Episode 5, she started taking things a bit too far. She’s determined to fight and kill the prison crew, no matter what the cost to her own people. On one hand, this might be warranted. There may be only one patch of valley where anyone can survive, and it may be “kill or be killed” right now. You can’t completely fault her on that.

But on the other hand, she’s starting to turn against her own brother. She’s getting to the point where she doesn’t want anyone to question her, and that’s NOT a good thing. Remember how Kane and Abby fled because they thought she would kill Kane? Not good.

Then she warned Bellamy tonight that if he spoke against Wonkru, then he would be an enemy of Wonkru. And we all know what that means. It’s not a good idea to have no confidantes, especially your own brother whom you know you can trust.

So is all this power and need-to-survive going to Octavia’s head? Some fans have been predicting it. One fan wrote a detailed analysis about Octavia’s possibly being the new big bad, all the way back on May 7. And now more fans are talking about the possibility online:

But other fans aren’t seeing this. They love Octavia and how strong she is.

Let us know your thoughts about Octavia in this poll:

What do you think? Is Octavia turning evil or is she simply the most powerful character out of everyone on The 100? Let us know in the comments below.

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