Who is Vinson on ‘The 100’ Season 5 Episode 5?

The CW

A new character is introduced in Season 5 Episode 5 of The 100 and he’s a member of the prison crew. Who is? Read on for more details. This post has minor spoilers for the newest episode.

The CW

Vinson is a prisoner aboard the Eligius IV. He was one of the crew awakened by Raven and Murphy so they wouldn’t die from lack of oxygen on the ship, according to early reports when his character was first announced in December.

Mike Dopud is cast as Vinson. When he’s introduced on “Shifting Sands” to Abby and Kane, he’s wearing a collar and Kane and Abby are told to be careful around him. He says that sometimes his demon comes out, and they need to shock his collar if that happens.

Mike Dopoud is playing Vinson. TV Line reported in December that he was cast to play a serial killer who is very ruthless. That’s really all we know at this point. Looks are deceiving when it comes to Vinson. He looks almost like a professor with the glasses that he wears, but he’s actually very, very dangerous.

Vinson has some type of disease, which many prisoners who did mining now have, along with Wonkru. Abby is going to try to find a cure, but it will be difficult.

Doupod has played a lot of roles recently, including on many scifi shows. So if he looks familiar, there’s a good reason for that. He’s starred in Power, Deadpool 2, iZombie, Arrow, Dark Matter, and more.

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