Where Is Niylah on ‘The 100’?

Where is Niylah?

The CW Where is Niylah?

We’ve got two weeks to wait until the next episode of The 100, which means there is plenty of time for fans to ask about a particular character who is glaringly missing from all of the recent episodes. Just where is Niylah and what happened to her? Fans have theories, and those theories aren’t pretty. This will have spoilers through the most recent episode, Season 5 Episode 5, “Shifting Sands.” 

So, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Niylah. In fact, her last appearance was in the episode Red Queen, before Wonkru was released from the bunker. Niylah gave Octavia a copy of Ovid’s Metamorphoses at the beginning of that episode. This is a “history” of the world from its creation to the deification of Julius Caesar. But we haven’t seen her since.

Niylah was Clarke’s love interest before the fire. So of course, with some fans really wanting Bellarke to resurface, others are wondering how Niylah is going to figure into all of that. But since we haven’t seen her at all, and she wasn’t around when everyone was rescued from the bunker, it seems like she just might be … gone.

Some fans have a really dark theory about what happened. They think Niylah might be dead, murdered, or worse.

What could be worse than dead or murdered, you ask? Some fans think that Wonkru turned into cannibals when they had to spend that extra year in the bunker without enough food. They say this is why Wonkru didn’t want Clarke or Bellamy looking at the rations or inspecting them too closely. They say this is why someone asked about “just leaving” the dead after they survived the sandstorm. And with this theory comes the secondary theory that Niylah might be among the people who were eaten.

We warned you it was dark.

Then again, maybe Wonkru didn’t resort to cannibalism at all, but something else in order to keep their numbers down and survive. Maybe Octavia had to start framing people for crimes in order to have more arena fights, and Niylah ended up being one of those people.

Others are wondering why Clarke hasn’t asked about Niylah. That’s a good question. Maybe she’s afraid to find out the truth. Maybe she assumed Niylah was among the 400 who died and didn’t want more details since she’s already lost so many people she’s close to. Or maybe she just hasn’t spent enough time with Wonkru yet to know who’s missing, because she hasn’t asked about Jaha either.

Fans think that if something bad did happen with Niylah, we might not find out until The 100 episode that’s titled “The Dark Year.” That episode is going to be Episode 11, so it will be quite a while before it premieres. Maybe then we’ll find out if Niylah died or was (shudder) eaten.

Some fans already have opinions about Niylah’s absence, and they aren’t too happy about it:

What do you think happened to Niylah? Let us know in the comments below.

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