Grace Pauline Kelley, Wynonna Judd’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty/mugshot Grace Pauline Kelley, Wynonna Judd's daughter.

Grace Pauline Kelley, the daughter of country icon Wynonna Judd, was sentenced to eight years in prison for violating probation on a methamphetamine case.

Kelley is 22-years-old. She is the only daughter of Wynonna and is the granddaughter of Naomi Judd and the niece of actress Ashley Judd. Grace Kelley’s relationship with her mother has allegedly famously fractured over the years, resulting in tabloid headlines. New reports say the life of Grace Kelley has recently taken a more tragic turn, leading to what could be a fairly lengthy incarceration.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Grace Pauline Kelley Has a Troubled History of Meth-Related Charges

grace pauline kelley

Grace Pauline Kelley court records

Court records in Williamson County, Tennessee, obtained by Heavy, show that Grace Pauline Judd Kelly was charged with meth – manufacturing, deliver, sale, possession with intent, in October 2016 and entered a guilty plea on May 26, 2017. She was also accused of a probation violation on November 2017 and pleaded guilty, with a disposition date of February 8, 2018.

Her probation was revoked after a probation violation hearing in February before Judge Deanna B. Johnson, the court records say. Records also show that she still owes $3,273.50 in the case.

Radar Online reported that Kelley was sentenced to 8 years in prison for violating probation. Initially, the site reported, she was released into a drug program by the court. She could be released on parole in 2019, though, Radar Online reports.

Grace Pauline Kelley was also accused of manufacturing and delivering meth in Maury County, Tennessee but entered a guilty plea to a lesser charge of meth possession.

Nashville, Tennessee court records show that Kelley was convicted in a meth case in 2017. It was charged as a felony, but she was convicted of a misdemeanor, according to the court records. The charge was listed as “promote meth manuf.”


One 2015 arrest occurred outside a Walgreen’s pharmacy, UK Daily Mail reported. A box in the car allegedly contained the meth precursors “pseudo-ephedrine and a receipt for Coleman fuel,” Daily Mail alleged. In 2016, she was accused of being a fugitive from justice in Alabama, the site reports.

2. Kelley Is Wynonna Judd’s Daughter With Her First Husband

grace pauline kelley

Grace Pauline Kelley

Arch Kelley was Wynonna Judd’s first husband, and Grace Pauline Kelley is the daughter of Judd and Arch Kelley. That makes Grace Kelley the granddaughter of Naomi Judd, and the niece of actress Ashley Judd.

Wynonna Judd once revealed that Grace wanted her to have more children, saying, “(My daughter) Grace says, ‘I’d like a black sister or brother’ — she’s around my singers, and most of them are black — and I say, ‘Be quiet and do your homework.’ But I do think I may adopt.” According to CBS News, Wynonna Judd divorced Arch Kelley in 1999.

3. Wynonna Judd Has Been Married Three Times

Wynonna Judd has been married three times. After her divorce from Grace Kelley’s father Arch, she married a man named D.R. Roach in 2003. However, that marriage ended in divorce in sensational fashion when he was accused of “aggravated sexual battery on a child under the age of 13,” according to CBS News.

Roach was Judd’s bodyguard and was struggling with addiction, CBS reported, quoting Wynonna Judd as saying, “I am obviously devastated. Our family will pull together, begin the healing process and hopefully — by the Grace of God — become stronger. We will move forward with our faith, family and our friends to find resolution to this difficult situation.”

Wynonna Judd is currently married to Michael Moser. In 2012, Moser’s leg was amputated after a motorcycle crash. They married in 2015.

“You are my King @cactusmoser!!!! Happy 6th Anniversary!” Wynonna Judd wrote on Instagram in 2018.

4. Wynonna Judd Also Has a Son Named Elijah Judd, Who Is Grace Kelley’s Brother

According to a biography of Wynonna Judd on All Music, Elijah Judd, Wynonna’s only son, was conceived out of wedlock to Wynonna Judd and Arch Kelley. “Elijah Judd, 22 years old today. I love you my beloved son!” Wynonna wrote on Instagram in 2016.

He is Grace Pauline Kelley’s brother.

The pregnancy became tabloid fare, but Judd married Kelley in 1996 as her third album was coming out. She came to fame as part of the mother-sister singing duo, The Judds.

Elijah is two years older than Grace Pauline Kelley, and Wynonna Judd announced he was engaged in 2017.

5. Wynonna Judd’s Relationship With Grace Kelley Has Been Tabloid Fodder

In 2014, The National Enquirer ran an expose alleging that Grace Kelley moved in with Ashley Judd after conflicts with her mom. At the time, Grace was 17.

The year before, Fox News reported, “Actress Ashley Judd filed a police report in Tennessee accusing her older half-sister Wynonna Judd of attempting to track her car with a GPS device.” Fox reported the accusation derived from an “ongoing custody dispute.”

The Enquirer alleged at the time, “Grace and her mother have been at odds for years, with Grace disap­pearing for several days during a flight layover in spring 2011 while re­turning home from boarding school.” Clashes grew with Wynonna’s third marriage, and Grace was sent to a “behavioral camp” in 2012 for six months, the magazine claimed.

Ashley Judd has opened up about her own family trauma, saying she was a victim of incest and sexual abuse growing up. According to ABC News, Wynonna Judd has said she has a dependence on food.

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