LISTEN: Every Live Snippet from Drake’s ‘Scorpion’

Drake performs at a concert.

Getty Drake performs at a concert.

N ow that his messy feud with Pusha-T has dissipated, Drake is back to being in album mode. He dropped the Degrassi-themed music video for “I’m Upset” last week, and announced that his album Scorpion will be released on June 29th. And while there’s yet to be any listed features or an official tracklist, the rapper has previewed several songs in concert that are rumored to be on the album.

As was previously done with the More Life playlist, we’ve compiled all the live snippets that have leaked online since Scorpion was announced, along with some background information on rumored song titles, features, and production credits. Check them out below.

“I Could Love You”

VideoVideo related to listen: every live snippet from drake’s ‘scorpion’2018-06-18T12:42:14-04:00

On May 24th, DJ Akademiks got his hands on a Scorpion snippet and uploaded it to his Instagram. The snippet, tentatively titled “I Could Love You” or “Maybe You Were Reckless Yesterday”, sees Drake digging into his R&B bag with a slowed-down flow and a woozy beat indicative of the work of his longtime collaborator Noah “40” Shebib. “40” has already been confirmed as Scorpion‘s executive producer.

Some have speculated that the snippet is a demo from Drake’s earlier days, but the cadence with which he is flowing is specific to his recent music, so that is unlikely. Akademiks took the post down shortly after uploading it, but fans took video of the snippet and uploaded it to YouTube, where it’s currently available to check out.

“Kylie & Kendall”

VideoVideo related to listen: every live snippet from drake’s ‘scorpion’2018-06-18T12:42:14-04:00

Another May release, “Kylie”, or “Kylie & Kendall”, has Drake rapping over a trap beat and dropping references to the Jenner sisters and swimsuit model Gigi Hadid. “I got twenty f**kin’ G-G’s”, he raps, using the latter’s name in a pun about cash. The track also features Atlanta emcee Future, who previously worked with Drake on the 2015 mixtape What a Time to Be Alive.

While the snippet runs at about two minutes, its obvious that the song loops a few times over, so its too early to tell whether more artists are featured on it or whether Future has an extended verse. Rap Genius reports that the song is produced by Southside.


Drake – Pistols (Audio)Hay ! Please Don't Forget to like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel2018-03-31T22:17:46.000Z

This one is tricky. The snippet of “Pistols” surfaced in December, and the summery, Caribbean vibes of the track made it an instant fan favorite, as many felt it was a progression of the sound that Drake developed on Views and More Life. Then, within days, we got a three-minute, unmastered version of the song produced by Noah “40” Shebib.

While “Pistols” continues to be a popular song with the Drake faithful, its unusual rollout, coupled with the fact that its been out for months at this point, makes it an unlikely candidate to crack the Scorpion tracklist.

Untitled Bad Bunny Collaboration

Drake and Spanish rapper Bad Bunny teased a collaboration in March, and posted videos of them working in the studio. In one video, Bunny asks Drake: “Do you have a message for all my Latin babies?” and the rapper responds with a playful: “I’m on the way.”

An unreleased Bad Bunny song can be heard playing in the background, which has led some fans to speculate whether it’s the song that he worked on with Drake.

DJ Nelson, a frequent Bad Bunny collaborator, said that Drake and Bunny definitely have some music coming. “I just heard a track from @badbunnyPR and @Drake, and Drake is singing in Spanish”, he wrote on Twitter, “It’s happening.”


Drake – Grave (SNIPPET) *NEW*2017-11-05T23:01:46.000Z

Drake previewed this possible Scorpion track during one of his Boy Meets World concerts. “Grave” is another slow, sensual outing, with lyrics about heartbreak and luxury– two of Drake’s favorite topics.

That’s right/Please don’t stand at my grave and cry, no/I’m not there, they made this so I can never really cry, no/Please don’t stand at my grave and cry, no/Pop champagne, scream my words.

There’s yet to be an official title or confirmed producer for the track. Music executive Kenny Burns has said that the album is a balance between Drake’s softer persona and harder persona, however, so the chances of hearing something like Grave” on the album are pretty good.

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