Did Cazzie David Respond to Pete Davidson’s Engagement on Instagram?

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are engaged, according to Us Weekly, and some fans seem to think that Davidson’s ex, Cazzie David, responded to the news on Instagram.

About an hour and a half before Us Weekly posted its story confirming the new couple’s engagement, David posted a picture of herself drinking wine in Franschhoek Wine Valley, located in South Africa. Many fans have been quick to comment on the post, some wondering if she was drinking wine after finding out that her ex had gotten engaged.

“Fear not young beautiful soul Pete Davidson was not the best you can do,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Pete Davidson effed up,” commented another.

“I don’t know [what] happened between you two, but I do know that you deserved better. Pete always talked about how you helped him get off of drugs, so I just feel like he kinds dogged you. The again, I don’t know what happened, just speaking off of what I know. Keep your head up Cazzie,” added a third.

Though there’s no way to know if David found out about her ex’s engagement before posting that picture and enjoying some wine, fans know that she hasn’t been too shy when it comes to posting about her ex and his new relationship on social media. In fact, after his romance with Grande went public, David took to Instagram to share a post of herself with a snarky caption.

“Been in Africa, what’d I miss??” she asked, clearly referencing all of the chatter about her ex’s new romance with the “Side to Side” singer. Overall, David has been respectful of her ex’s decision to move on, but fans are still wondering if the wine picture has anything to do with the news or, if not, if David will post anything about her ex’s decision to get engaged.

Interestingly, last night, David appeared to be watching the movie Heartburn with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. It might be a stretch, but it’s possible that she referenced the film on her Instagram story after hearing that Davidson and Grande had gotten engaged. Heartburn is about a pregnant food writer who “finds out her husband is having an affair,” according to IMDb. The film may have no significance to David’s life at all, but fans are looking at every last detail to try to figure out if David is upset about Davidson’s engagement.

According to the Us Weekly report, Davidson and Grande “were telling people that they’re engaged” over the weekend. The new couple — who started dating a few weeks ago — were at Robert Pattinson’s birthday party in Los Angeles when they shared their exciting news.

Many fans are surprised that Davidson and Grande are engaged, mainly because they’ve only been dating for a few weeks, but also because they are both so young.

Davidson and Grande started dating quickly after they both ended long-term relationships. Davidson and David just ended their on-off, two-year romance in May, and Grande and her ex, Mac Miller, announced their split in April.