WATCH: Blac Youngsta Throws Wild Party on Instagram

Blac Youngsta at the BET Awards.

Getty Blac Youngsta at the BET Awards.

Blac Youngsta is currently trending on Twitter. The Memphis rapper drew loads of attention on Saturday night, after he threw a raucous party and posted videos of it on his Instagram. The videos show that Youngsta had a wrestling ring installed in his house, and dozens of women believed to be strippers can be seen dancing nude in the background.

During the party, Youngsta, born Samuel Benson, appears to dance and throw several stacks of cash onto the female performers. The videos have since gone viral, and were posted on Youngsta’s IG story. For those of who don’t have Instagram, or aren’t following the rapper, there are fans who reposted the video clips on other accounts. You can watch some of them below.

The first video shows Youngsta after the ring had been installed in his house. There is a balloon arrangement that reads “Heavy Camp” outside, and the rapper can be seen jumping around the ring and bouncing off the ropes.

The rest of the clips show Youngsta after the party has started, and finds him dancing with stacks of money amidst a packed house. Be warned that there is adult language in the video below.

You can watch the video of the aforementioned women dancing in the ring by clicking here. Before clicking on it, however, be aware that there is adult language and nudity throughout. Another video you can watch here compiles all the highlights from Youngsta’s party into two minutes.

The extreme nature of the party led to Youngsta becoming a trending topic on Twitter the following morning. Most users were shocked by the financial lengths that the rapper went to to throw a party, including purchasing a wrestling ring and spending what looks to be thousands of dollars on the female entertainers.

A running joke on Twitter was the fact that most users were seeing the party videos on Sunday morning, when many families are attending church. Check out some of the most notable reactions below.

Others were a bit more critical of the videos. Some criticized Youngsta’s treatment of the women in the video, while others commented on the fact that YFN Lucci, a fellow rapper, was present at the party, despite being in a relationship with Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter.

“I just watched blac youngsta IG story and it’s sooooo degrading! Some women have no morals and no solid foundation”, wrote one user. “I understand they making money, but baby it’s other ways to get it! To each is own tho!”

There has also been confusion over the fact that Youngsta’s party videos were allowed to stay on Instagram. “Blac Youngsta must got a grand theft auto cheat code or sumthin”, wrote one user. “Ain’t no way his ig account still active after all that.” They have since been taken down.

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