Who Gets Injured & Hospitalized on ‘The Bachelorette’ 2018 Tonight?

Who Gets Injured On The Bachelorette Tonight

Photo By: ABC - Craig Sjodin

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, there are injuries and an ambulance is even involved. So, what happens? Before we get into all the spoilers on who gets hurt and their fates on the show, this is you SPOILER WARNING. If you do NOT want to know any more information about tonight’s episode and contestants, STOP READING NOW.

Now let’s get into all the juicy details. Prior to the episode airing, ABC released this information, “One bachelor suffers a serious injury in a fluke accident overnight, leaving the rest of the men shaken.” So, who is the contestant that ended up severely injured? Reality Steve has reported that David Ravitz is the cast member. Many may remember him from dressing up on the premiere as a chicken and for his feud with fellow contestant Jordan Kimball.

Reality Steve has revealed that, “David Ravitz fell off the bunk bed in the mansion, breaking his nose, suffering a concussion, and even had bleeding on the brain. That’s the ambulance you see in the season preview. He missed a rose ceremony, but obviously returned since he was on the 2-on-1 in Vegas.” So, not only does Ravitz end up in intensive care, he also manages to pull it together enough to return to the competition and eventually ends up on a dreaded 2-on-1 date with foe Jordan Kimball. Unfortunately, Ravitz gets sent home, but Kufrin reportedly ends up sending Kimball home as well, later that evening.

The Bachelorette 2018 "One Man Is Rushed to the Hospital With Blood Everywhere" Preview (Ep.3)Things take a shocking turn on next week's episode of The Bachelorette — and it's not pretty. One of Becca Kufrin's suitors, David, is rushed to the hospital after the other men find him surrounded by blood in the middle of the night. The Bachelorette 2018 Becca Kufrin Season 14 Preview/Promo (Ep.3)2018-06-08T04:26:46.000Z

With Ravitz’s fall, fellow contestant Lincoln said that there was blood all over the floor, saying, “I see David, just slumped on the ground. There’s blood everywhere. None of us knew if he was going to make it.” Bustle has reported that Ravitz’s injuries have healed well and he is in fine condition today.

So, with all Ravitz went through, it may make the next contestant’s situation insignificant. ABC reported that, “One man’s desire to excel turns into a stunning injury as Becca looks on in disbelief … One of the injured men faces a serious medical diagnosis and he must make a life-changing decision. Will he stay and fight for Becca’s heart or leave her in tears?” We’re guessing that ABC is talking about football player Clay Harbor, since Reality Steve has reported he too gets injured on episode 3 of the show.

Reality Steve dished that on the football group date for tonight’s episode, “Clay ends up breaking his wrist during this game and being taken to the ER. He had received the group date rose but ended up having to give it back to leave and have surgery, thus eliminating himself.” So, Harbor eliminates himself, while Ravitz continues to press on …

Clay Harbor is an NFL free agent tight end, who has played for the Eagles, Jacksonville, Patriots and Lions, so perhaps he was worrying about the injury affecting his livelihood. Most recently, Harbor was on the Injured Reserve with the New Orleans Saints. Reality Steve has reported that Harbor was actually recruited to be a contestant on The Bachelorette 2018, which means he wasn’t an applicant. Harbor currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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