Is XXXTentacion Releasing An Album Titled ‘No Pulse’? Not Likely

XXXTentacion suspect


XXXTentacion’s death has hit the rap community hard, but it has also led to a renewed interest in his music. TMZ reports that X’s two studio albums skyrocketed in sales over the past 24 hours, with 17 rising 41, 306 % and ? rising 9,000 %.

This renewed interest has also led to conspiracy theories about X’s rumored third album. Many fans believe that the rapper did not actually die, but faked his death in an effort to promote his album No Pulse. The theory, perpetuated most heavily on Twitter, points to things like the lack of a tattoo on X’s face and the lack of blood on his body in the crime scene video as clues that he is actually still alive.

Is ‘No Pulse’ a Real Album? Not Likely

All reports indicate that No Pulse is not a real album. In fact, the title outwardly contradicts the album title that X had been teasing in the months leading up to his death: Skins.

X first announced plans to release Skins in April. He posted an photo of yellow construction tape on his Instagram page with a caption that read “skins ‘the album’ coming soon.” Over 560,000 people “liked” the post, but X took it down shortly after. He gave an update on the album a few weeks later, when he posted a caption that read “I’m just getting started, next album will be done very soon” on his Instagram story.

Fans have pointed to the fact that witnesses said X had “no pulse” in the video, and speculate that this was a clue to the title of the rumored album. “He’s not dead”, wrote one user. “He has an album coming out in the next few days/week called ‘no pulse’. It’s to promote the album & to prove that no one cares about people until they’re dead.”

Check out some of the most notable conspiracy theories below:

Official reports have confirmed that the theory about X faking his own death is not true. The Broward Sheriff’s Department has sent out several news releases and tweets confirming the rapper’s death.There is similarly no evidence to support the existence of the No Pulse album.

After X’s death, Diplo took to Instagram to pay his respects and disclose that he and Skrillex were planning on handling some of the production on Skins. “He texted me this weekend, it was one of his goals to get me & Skrillex to finish his next album”, Diplo wrote, “I Invited him to LA this week. I was wondering if he was gonna come.”

Its unclear whether Skins was close to completion at the time of X’s death, or whether the album will be released. Its very possible that it in the event it doesn’t see an official release, select tracks will be leaked online.

The song “BAD!” was uploaded to YouTube a few months ago, and is believed to be one of the last songs that X worked on before he died. It is rumored to have been on the Skins tracklist.

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