‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges 2018: Meet the Season 13 Celebrity Guest Judges

America's Got Talent Judges 2018

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America’s Got Talent 2018 enters the Judges’ Cuts, which is the second round of auditions. Twenty acts per episode of the Judges’ Cuts go before the judges once again, but this time, the judges are joined by a celebrity guest. Every one of these episodes features a new celebrity guest, who each have the opportunity to award one act a golden buzzer win, pushing that act forward to the live shows. Read on below to get to know each of the four celebrity guests joining in on the fun for season 13.

Olivia Munn

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Olivia Munn was actually the first guest judge reported as joining the show this season. Munn is an actress who is also known for her high-profile relationship with NFL player Aaron Rodgers, but the two are no longer together.

In recent months, Munn was in the news for speaking out against Hollywood heavyweight Brett Ratner, accusing him of sexual harassment, according to Page Six. Munn originally spoke out against Ratner in the fall of 2017. In an interview with Rogue, Munn went on to talk about how it’s important to stop working with some of the wrong-doers in Hollywood, explaining that, “Those who are in power, the movie heads, the executives — why are you working with these people? I’m not saying that people can’t come back from their mistakes, but why is it that when certain people mess up, there’s a formula for redemption? They say they’re sorry, hide away for a little bit, come back, work with the very people they hurt, then resume their position in power, when the rest of us have to fall to the back of the line and work our way back up.”

There were a total of six actresses who made allegations against Ratner.

Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong appeared on the first episode of the Judges’ Cuts as the guest judge. Jeong started out as a doctor, but he went on to become a famous comedian and actor, breaking out with his memorable role in The Hangover. Jeong is set to appear in the upcoming film Crazy Rich Asians. According to Hollywood.com, Jeong quit medicine the day after his first movie wrapped.

As a doctor, Jeong’s medical skills have come in quite handy in his life. He previously helped his wife get through breast cancer and, in May 2018, he helped save a woman in the crowd, who was having a seizure at one of his shows, according to We Are Resonate. Jeong was performing at the Stand Up Live Comedy Club and in the middle of his set, a woman in the third row had a seizure. He jumped off stage to help her until a medical team arrived.

Martina McBride

Martina McBride is an American country singer, known for songs including “Concrete Angel”, “Independence Day” and “In My Daughter’s Eyes”. When reflecting on her writing her 1994 hit “Independence Day”, McBride told The Boot, “When I think back on the song, I realize that I used this thing that I often use in songs, which is what I think of as the “omniscient child”: That’s where the child is the character who’s telling the story, because children see everything and just tell you what happened, very simply. They’re like little reporters, children are. So it made sense for me to tell the story from the perspective of a child, because she could just say what happened and let you, the listener, figure out how you feel about it.”

McBride and her husband, John, own the recording complex Blackbird Studios, where artists including Ed Sheeran, the White Stripes and Taylor Swift record their music.

Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick first became known as the host of Singled Out on MTV. He went on to become a household name as an actor, host, comedian and podcaster. Recently, Hardwick was stripped of some of his jobs and hosting gigs, after allegations of sexual misconduct were made by his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra. Dykstra wrote an essay, in which she alleged that she had suffered through emotional and sexual abuse by an ex-boyfriend. Certain details seemed to finger Hardwick as the alleged abuser.

Several ex-girlfriends, along with Hardwick’s wife have come out to say that he has never abused them. In addition, Hardwick has denied the allegations, maintaining that, “Our three year relationship was not perfect—we were ultimately not a good match and argued—even shouted at each other—but I loved her, and did my best to uplift and support her as a partner and companion in any way and at no time did I sexually assault her.”

Despire his denial of the claims, Hardwick has lost out on jobs, including association with the company he founded, Nerdist. In response to the allegations, Nerdist removed all references to Hardwick off its website, releasing this statement, “That type of behavior is contrary to everything we stand for and believe in […] The company has removed all reference to Mr. Hardwick even as the original Founder of Nerdist pending further investigation.” Yvette Nicole Brown has also taken over Hardwick’s hosting duties on Talking Dead, amid the allegations, according to The Verge. In addition, the AMC network pulled Hardwick’s talk show Talking with Chris Hardwick. AGT‘s Judges’ Cuts most likely were taped prior to the allegations coming out.