Celia Walden, Piers Morgan’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Celia Walden, Piers Morgan's wife

Getty Celia Walden is the second wife of Piers Morgan.

Celia Walden is Piers Morgan’s second wife. They’ve been married for eight years, and have a five year old daughter named Elise, who is Morgan’s only daughter and his fourth child.

Walden, 42, has been married to Morgan for eight years and was previously a journalist for the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. She has also written a novel titled ‘Harm’s Way’ which was published in 2009, and has contributed to GQ, Glamour Magazine and other publications.

Walden calls her husband a feminist, and was once a member of the extramarital dating site Ashley Madison. Here’s what you need to know.

1. She Began Dating Morgan While He Was Still Married to His First Wife

Morgan and Walden started dating in 2006 after he was separated (but not divorced) from his first wife, Marion Shalloe.

As seen in the tweet above, Morgan claimed that he predicted marrying Walden from the first date.

According to Morgan, Walden originally told him that she would never marry, and it took four years of dating for him to finally convince her. Walden and Morgan were married in a small ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in Swinbrook, Oxfordshire.

According to the Daily Mail, Morgan described his wedding as  ‘a small wedding followed by a big, big party’.

2. She Believes Women Should Vow to ‘Obey’ Men When Marrying Them

In a controversial interview while discussing the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Walden told Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway that she firmly believed in the keeping the word ‘obey’ in wedding vows for a woman.

More specifically, the word comes in a traditional pledge to “love, honour and obey” one’s new husband. Princess Diana didn’t say it when she married Prince Charles, nor did Kate Middleton say it when she married Prince William, and Markle eventually didn’t say it either while marrying Prince Harry.

Of the vows, Walden said, “I did say obey...Because I very firmly believe in obeying. It was a little bit smaller than this one actually.”

3. They First Met When Morgan Was Asked to Interview Walden for GQ

Morgan revealed in a tweet that he first met Walden when he was asked to interview Walden for British GQ.

In his interview, Morgan wrote of Walden, “She inspires equal doses of admiration, lust and fear . . . and is, as I write, single. When God created woman, he blessed Hollywood with Bardot, and Fleet Street with Walden.”

At the time, though, Morgan admitted that it was only a crush. “We are just very good friends. I am a huge admirer of her work. The key phrase is ‘in my dreams’.”

4. She’s Not Afraid to Tease Him in Front of a Wide Audience

In 2015, Walden pranked her husband during a live phone-in, in which she pretended to be a woman called “Delia” who wanted to complain about her husband’s addiction to social media.

When her husband continued to interrupt her, Walden said, “I tried to have a mute button installed on the wedding day.”

In anther appearance when Morgan was being interviewed by host Lorraine Kelly to dispute rumors that he’d gotten botox, Walden called in with her own speculations.

”I do have a theory,” Walden said. “I have a theory about Piers’ freakishly smooth forehead, and that’s that his ego is so large it’s actually pushing outwards and plumping out the skin from within. I’ve yet to get a dermatologist to substantiate this, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on.”

5. Her 2011 Memoir About the Late George Best Drew Criticism From People Who Questioned How Well She Really Knew Him

After Walden wrote a memoir about George Best in 2011, both Best’s widow and his former mistress spoke out against Walden’s retelling of the time leading up to his death.

Gina Devivo, Best’s mistress, said of the memoir, “She says that Manchester United was playing on the pub television screens, but it wasn’t even supposed to be during the football season. It is a totally unbelievable version of the summer of 2003. I really can’t stress enough that I just wasn’t in those places.”

Best’s mother also spoke out against Walden, saying,  “It was such a horrible time in our lives. I remember everything absolutely vividly and it is not just timings that she has got wrong, it is lots of the events she describes,” she said…George was just a member of the family to us and we actually had to move out of our house for three months because of all the press attention. You don’t do that lightly.”

Walden did not comment in response to their statements.