Are Chantel and Pedro of ’90 Day Fiance’ Getting Divorced?

Chantel and Pedro Divorce

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno appear together on the reality series 90 Day Fiance, along with their families. Over the past couple years, the couple has dealt with their fair share of issues, and thensome. In turn, recently, there have been rumors that of Chantel and Pedro getting divorced.

A major problem between the two, is their family members. Everett’s family distrusts Jimeno and his family, while Jimeno’s mother and sister call Everett’s parents “crazy.” At one point, Everett’s mother, Karen, told the TLC cameras, “I know that Pedro’s mother, Lydia, is a lawyer but I believe Lydia has a business to find stupid Americans to match with a person on the island to harvest the American dollar and I have a feeling Chantel was introduced to Pedro for that same reason.” According to Newsweek, Jimeno denied the claims.

Everett also has concerns when it comes to her husband constantly sending money and gifts back to his family in the Dominican Republic, especially since she’s still a student and lives in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. Meanwhile, Jimeno’s mother and sister live in a three-bedroom place in the Dominican Republic.

This season on the show, Everett’s parents become very upset when Jimeno’s sister, Nicole, visits and she refuses to sleep on the couple’s couch, while staying with them. A physical fight erupts between Jimeno and Everett’s brother, River, further complicating the relationship between the two families.

Recently, there have been rumors that Jimeno and Everett were getting divorced. According to Screen Rant, this is not true and the couple is still together. In fact, Everett recently spoke out against haters on Instagram, writing, “Kind women are not naive. They see what others see. They know who’s fake and who’s genuine. They know who cares and who is just pretending. They know who is taking them for granted and who appreciates their kindness. They know everything but they don’t change who they are according to how people treat them. They rise above it all.”

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The Xfinity synopsis for tonight’s season 3, episode 10, of the show, it states, “Nicole’s wedding is in jeopardy; Anfisa fears this could be Jorge’s biggest lie; David and Annie hit another roadblock; Pedro goes head to head with Chantel’s family.” In addition to the episode, there will be a live after-show segment with Michelle Collins, who will bring on special guests and super fans to dish live about the show.