Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, & Madeline Albright to Guest Star on ‘Madam Secretary’


Madam Secretary, a political TV thriller revolving around a fictional secretary of state, will see guest appearances from three real people who have held the position in the show’s season five premiere October 7.

Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, and Madeline Albright have cameos in the CBS show. The trio, who filmed their appearances on July 11, will play themselves.

The episode sees fictional Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (played by Téa Leoni) seek advice from the trio on a tricky situation that she must handle.

Téa Leoni posted a picture of the group on Twitter, shown above, with the caption: “I was incredibly honored to have @HillaryClinton, @Madeline Albright, and Colin Powell on the set of #MadamSecretary.”

Madam Secretary follows the life of McCord as she makes decisions about United States diplomacy and maneuvers through the complicated world of Washington D.C. politics. The show also focuses on McCord’s family life.

Clinton, Albright, and Powell Each Served as Secretary of State in Recent Administrations

Albright served as secretary of state during the Clinton presidency from 1997-2001. Powell succeeded Albright in the George W. Bush administration from 2001-2005. Clinton worked in the Obama administration as secretary of state from 2009-2013.

Albright has Already Made a Guest Appearance on the Show

While Clinton and Powell are Madam Secretary newcomers, Albright previously made a cameo appearance on the show in its second season in 2015. In that episode, McCord asked Albright for advice on the appointment of a national security advisor.

Albright referenced her return to the show in a tweet. “It was great to be back on the set of @MadamSecretary with @tealeoni. It is always nice to consult with my successors. The episode will air on #CBS on October 7.”

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