Kim Kardashian &amp Pineapple Juice: Why She Loves the Fruit

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is once again trending on Twitter and Instagram due to a picture she posted on her Instagram account. Showing off her beach bod in a killer white swimming suit and holding a can of pineapple juice, Kardashian wrote “Google the benefits of pineapple juice.”

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Google the benefits of pineapple juice 🍍

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Although the comment may come across as innocent, the internet didn’t miss the reference to a Kim and Kourtney Take Miami episode that aired five years ago. The episode involved a “vagina smell-off” between Kourtney and Kim, who were competing to see who could drink the most pineapple juice to have the nicest smelling genitals.

While filming in London, the pair drank pints of pineapple juice, in a bid to test Khloe’s theory that the juice “makes everything sweeter,” according to the Sun.

“Kourtney seems very competitive about her vagina,” Kim told the camera. “I don’t know why Kourtney is challenging me – but she will lose.”

The two Kardashian sisters both downed a couple liters of pineapple juice over the course of a few days and eventually asked their sister Khloe to be the judge of their competition.

“Do I want to be the judge of the pineapple p—y? Not really,” Khloe revealed. “But we’re sisters – if  I can’t smell their p—y what else am I supposed to do?”

In a fairly disturbing scene, Kim and Kourtney took turns wiping themselves on towels before having Khloe reveal who won the contest. Khloe dubbed Kim the winner, who immediately took to Twitter to praise the “amazing benefits” of pineapple juice.

Kardashian’s Instagram followers clearly didn’t miss the nonchalant reference, and immediately blew up after she posted the picture.

lagigirecaplus wrote: “Hahha ! You won the challenge between you and kourtney.”

“How about Kanye write another song how it taste like pineapples we all know what your inquiring here,” aashleyyrosss added.

Others took the Instagram caption more literally, and actually googled the benefits of drinking pineapple juice.

“I just saw @KimKardashian Instagram picture with the caption ‘look up the benefits of pineapple juice’ so obviously I did … and wow I think it could be the solution to all the worst medical problems,” user Kaia posted.

“I’m literally gonna start drinking pineapple juice every day! Thank you @KimKardashian!” user Lauren Bennett wrote.

In other news, actually googling the benefits of pineapple juice comes up with a variety of ailments that the delicious fruit helps, including boosting fertility, heart health and inflammation.