Offset’s Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Offset and his children.

Instagram Offset and his children.

Migos rapper Offset is releasing his debut solo album. The album’s title, Father of 4, is in reference to his four children, each of whom he’s had with a different woman. He had his youngest child, Kulture Kiari Cephus, with his current wife and fellow rapper Cardi B.

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Speaking about the importance of being a father and naming his album Father of 4, Offset told Esquire that he works hard to provide for his children. “I cried to myself while I was doing this album ’cause I was talking about my story and my kids,” he said.

“When I did a song, I started getting memories of my grandma, my struggles, my partner that was killed, the thoughts I had while I was incarcerated, and my kids’ faces were there in my head. I love my kids, this is who I do it for,” the rapper added. Here’s what you need to know about Offset’s children:

1. He Had Jordan Cephus With a Woman Named Justine Watson

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Offset’s oldest child is Jordan Cephus, whom he fathered with a woman named Justine Watson. Jordan’s identity was unknown by the public until last year, when Watson sued the rapper for lack of child support. According to The Blast, Watson claimed that Offset provided only “sporadic financial assistance,” but didn’t contribute to education, medical expenses, or extra-curricular activities for Jordan. Watson asked for retroactive child support and an estimated $15K in legal fees.

Despite a lack of DNA evidence, Offset responded to Watson’s claims and admitted that Jordan was his child. He did, however, claim that he had provided child support since Jordan’s birth and that he had no intention of paying Watson’s legal fees. The rapper went on to say that he wanted joint legal and physical custody of Jordan, and that he legally change Jordan’s last name to his.

In February, Watson’s request to make Offset’s financial records and personal information public were dismissed by the judge. An insider for Bossip stated: “It is specifically understood that the Confidential Information is of critical importance to the parties and the harm resulting from any breach may be difficult to determine and may be wholly or partially irreparable.”

The current status of Jordan’s custody is unknown.

2. He Had Kody Cephus With His Ex-Girlfriend Oriel Jamie

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Offset’s second child is named Kody Cephus, whom he fathered with his ex-girlfriend Oriel Jamie. Offset and Jamie began dating in 2013, according to Empire BBK, and they had Kody on March 3, 2015. It is unclear when they broke up. When Offset announced his engagement to Cardi B, Jamie took to Snapchat to vent about the fact that Kody had yet to meet his step-mom. “Congrats to my son daddy and his step mother whom he has yet to meet. Hopefully he at least get an invite to the wedding.”

Offset frequently posts videos and photos with Kody, including one of them where the latter is looking into the camera and crying. The rapper playfully captioned the photo: “Crybaby,” but Watson wasn’t humored by the photo, and felt that Offset was pretending to be something he wasn’t– a family man. “N*ggas always want to down u to they n*ggas or the next h*e,” she wrote on Instagram. “Since when n*ggas start putting p*ssy over they fam?”

Offset threw a birthday party for Kody in March that saw him perform a special rendition of the “The Birthday Song.” With an accompanying beat by producer Murda Beatz, Offset rapped “Happy birthday. It’s your birthday/ The three-way,” in reference to his son’s age. BCK Online reported that the other kids at the party were dancing to the beat, but Kody “just stood and watched his father perform.”

3. He Had Kalea Marie Cephus With Fellow Rapper Shya L’Amour

Offset has a third child, Kalea Marie Cephus, whom he fathered with rapper Shya L’Amour. L’Amour expressed frustration similar to that of Watson when Offset posted a photo of him and his son Kody. “U have a daughter sir,” she wrote online. “I try not to be petty because Kalea gone be straight regardless, but it irks my nerves to the core to see people put on when I and THEY know the real…. I tried to be civil, but you see THAT ain’t work.”

Despite their disagreements, both L’Amour and Offset were present to celebrate Kalea’s third birthday. HotNewHipHop reports that the party had a ponies and princess theme, and L’Amour posted several photos and videos of the event on her Instagram. Offset also snapped a few photos during the party, and even posted a few of them on Twitter with the caption, “R A I S I N G A Q U E E N.”

In 2017, Offset and Kalea appeared in a video for HYPEBEAST. In the video, the father and daughter go shopping for school clothes, and Offset discusses the do’s and don’ts of elementary school style. You can watch the full video here.

4. He Was Accused of Having a Child With Instagram Model Celina Powell

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Instagram model Celina Powell claimed that she was pregnant with Offset’s baby in late 2015. Both he and Cardi B dismissed the claim as an attempt at extortion. A few months later, Powell posted and deleted photos of the paternity test results online that were said to prove Offset’s paternity. “There is a 99.99% probability that the Obligator is the biological father of the child named in the above referenced court case,” the document stated.

Powell also uploaded a video to YouTube that showed her opening an envelope and jumping up and down yelling “I told you!” Despite her attempts, few people believed Powell’s claims. Fans pointed out that there were spelling errors on the alleged paternity test, and others pointed to the fact that Powell pulled a similar stunt with rapper Chief Keef in March 2017.

Powell eventually admitted that the pregnancy was a fake. “Once again, there’s no baby,” she said. “Get over it! Suck my d**k!,” she said, while appearing on the DJ Akademiks Twitch stream.

“Y’all investigated this s**t for nine months. I didn’t give a f**k. I was laughing at you b**ches. I didn’t give a f**k. I sincerely apologize if I made you for one second think that Offset was the father of my pretend baby.”

5. He Says That Taking Care of His Kids Is the ‘Most Important Thing’

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In a Rolling Stone profile, Offset spoke on the success of Migos and how providing for his family is the most important thing in his career. “I want to have generational money,” he said. “I got three kids, bro. I need all my kids to be educated and wealthy. I don’t want to be one of those rappers who had it, but right now they be on a TV show to keep them going. I would rather be out the scene, getting my money on Bitcoin.”

Offset also encourages his children’s interest in hip-hop and music. During a 2017 Migos concert, the rapper brought Jordan onstage to be with him. He has also recorded his youngest son Kody performing at their house. He posted a video of Kody wearing multiple chains and attempting to rap in a style similar to his dad.

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