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Pao 90 Day Fiance


Paola Mayfield and her husband Russ star on the reality series 90 Day Fiance. Paola met Russ and she uprooted her life in Colombia to move to the United States to marry him. The move caused a strain within her family, as well as with a close friend of hers, a man named Juan. Russ and Juan have nearly come to blows on several occasions and Juan has been very vocal about his disrespect for the couple’s marriage. As a result, fans have criticized Paola, aka “Pao”, for keeping her friendship with Juan. Recently, Pao responded to some of the criticism, writing on Instagram that, “Why do I not end up my friendship with Juan? It is easy to say it but you wouldn’t call it a friendship if you don’t care about someone after 16 years of friendship and without trying to make it work. I don’t have many friends, maybe because I don’t trust people that easy and I am ok with that but giving up part of my life and past isn’t easy for me. I love my husband but I also love my friends. My life didn’t end when I got married, it was the beginning of a new chapter.” According to Starcasm, Juan works as a Colombian soap opera co-star.

Another issue that Pao and Russ have dealt with throughout their marriage is Pao’s modeling career and aspirations. Russ is more conservative when it comes to sexy photos and lingerie photo shoots, which sometimes causes fights between the two.

When defending herself and her sexy photo issues to her Instagram followers, Pao wrote, “Did my husband ever get over me taking photos like this? Well, yes an no but it doesn’t affect him as much as some of you. He accepts me, loves me and respects me the way I am and lets me work even when he is not 100% comfortable. We fight and we make up. Girls talk like never they fight with their spouses, talking about me not being a “good wife” just because the gigs I take are “too sexy” but let’s be honest, none of you have seen photos of me completely naked or rumors of me being unfaithful to my husband. My only “sin” is my work.” Pao also responded to critics with the same message on her Facebook page.

On the show, Russ became uncomfortable watching a photo shoot in Colombia with Pao’s parents. Pao posed for a calendar, nearly naked, in body paint. But, the photos came out vibrant and hard tell in the pics that Pao was topless. Pao’s parents appeared a little bashful, watching their daughter strike sexy poses, but they voiced that they fully supported her career choices.

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Pao was previously living in Oklahoma with her husband, Russ, but she felt stifled and limited in her modeling career. She ended up moving to Miami, Florida and Russ eventually moved to be with his wife. As Pao chases her dreams of modeling, some viewers throw hateful comments her way on social media, to which she responded with this message, “My “delusional” modeling and acting career. This is one is easy. I really don’t know why people care so much if I model or act at my age. Is it your business if I succeed or fail? No. Is it your life? No. I’m living my life to the fullest and I’m having so much fun with all that I do! My conscience is clear and clean. Just happy that I’m doing great and I’m chasing my dreams.”

While Pao received some criticism, she also received praise from commenters. One follower, whose Instagram handle is “iamsam2286”, wrote, “Don’t let anyone break you. Be your authentic self and someone doesn’t like it “shame on them” if you Let them get to you, then “shame on you”. U got this girl.” Another user, “callmekeelsPeople”, also came to Pao’s defense, writing, “People keep saying because @paola_mayfield is a public figure, we get to have an opinion about how she lives her life. Have your opinions, but there is NEVER a reason to verbally abuse or slander someone JUST because they put their life out there. If you live your life being obsessed with judging others, it makes me believe you are afraid to look at your own life/actions!”

Pao’s husband, Russ, also came to his wife’s defense recently, attacking trolls and confirming the healthy status of their relationship. This season on the show, the couple has their ups and downs, but they are clearly still together. In defending his marriage and his conservative views on Pao’s sexy modeling, Russ wrote on Instagram that, “There’s much more to me than what you see on TV. I’m honestly not the jealous type and although I’d had preferred to keep my wife’s curves a mystery, especially when it comes to the lusting creeps out there. I accept and am proud of my wife for the beautiful woman she is and she’s all mine but like most relationships, we find ourselves with differing opinions at times and love costs and takes effort for it to work. I am tired of the comments from the marriage “experts” stating I deserve better, my wife doesn’t respect me, or she only loves me for my money and so on and so forth.”

He continued, writing, “The mere glimpse of our lives shown doesn’t always show our best moments but impressions and expressions from our cultural differences and how we are coming together as an even stronger couple. If I or my story bores you and creating a mocking meme or mocking comment of me and/or my wife is how you make yourself feel better about your unshared and perfect life, well thank you for your benightedness as it only spices us up even more, so go on and keep hating and commenting to better your dull lives because your opinions are meaningless in my eyes but you’re only hurting yourself hiding behind your keyboard which proves nothing to you or me especially when I have yet to meet someone to end a conversation with me with such nonsense and mockery. I am proud of where I come from and where I am going and that’s with the love of my life, whom I love for better or for worse. I am not perfect and only look for support from my followers, not hypocritical and judgmental ignorance seeking ‘like’ attention.”

Pao often posts sexy photos of herself or loving photos with husband Russ on her Instagram, which doesn’t stop the trolls from hating. Some have even insulted her body and lifestyle choices. In February, Pao responded to the hate by posting another sexy photo on Instagram, with this as a caption,”Too skinny, Too many clothes, you are almost naked, too fat, too old, too much makeup. Wow, it’s always something but unfortunately I’m not here to please you or anyone. I’m here to SHARE my life with you. Thanks for your “opinion” on how to live it though … I will probably never dress like you and that is ok because I’m not you and you are NOT me! I’m not upset about the “critics” but it’s annoying the way you think it is right to express your opinion on my photos. Rude, mean, and disrespectful.”

According to Starcasm, Pao’s friend, Juan, also chimed in to help out his friend recently. He backed his friend on Instagram, writing, “Wow love what you said and you are absolutely right in everything! Enjoy and follow that for all of us you are already triumphing! @paola_mayfield I love you arepiticos.”

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Too skinny, Too many clothes, you are almost naked, too fat, too old, too much makeup. Wow, it’s always something but unfortunately I’m not here to please you or anyone. I’m here to SHARE my life with you. Thanks for your “opinion” on how to live it though. I didn’t know I have so many fashion designers and stylists in my IG! Happy for you though. I will probably never dress like you and that is ok because I’m not you and you are NOT me! I’m not upset about the “critics” but it’s annoying the way you think it is right to express your opinion on my photos. Rude, mean, and disrespectful. Disregarding those who were nice and not at all disrespectful. So, please don’t get surprised when I treat you the same way you treated me. Apparently being a public figure, for some of you, believe that it gives you the right to say whatever you want. I'm glad that my photos are the space for you to say whatever you want. Have a wonderful day! #motivationmonday #iknowyouwerewaitingforthis ______________LVYALL________________ Demasiado delgado, Demasiado gorda, Mucha ropa, estás casi desnuda, estás muy vieja, tienes mucho maquillaje. Wow, siempre es algo pero, lamentablemente, no estoy aquí para complacerte ni a ti ni a nadie. Estoy aquí para COMPARTIR mi vida contigo. Gracias por tu "opinión" en como vivirla. ¡No sabia que tenía tantos diseñadores de moda y estilistas en mi IG! Feliz por ti. Probablemente nunca me vista como tú y está bien porque no soy tú y tú NO eres yo! No estoy molesto por las "críticas", pero es molesto la forma en que piensas que es correcto expresar tu opinión en mis fotos. Grosero, mezquino e irrespetuoso. Sacando por supuesto a los que fueron amables y para nada irrespetuosos. Entonces, por favor no te sorprendas cuando te trate de la misma manera que me trataste. Aparentemente ser una figura pública, para algunos de ustedes, creen que les da el derecho de decir lo que quieran. Me alegra que mis fotos sean el espacio para que digas lo que quieras. #vendranmas ¡Ten un día maravilloso!

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Pao’s friend Juan has also received his own share of hate online, especially when it comes to his on-screen actions and comments about Pao’s husband, Russ. When responding to one commenter, who condemned Juan’s actions, on Instagram, Juan said that, “I do not care if she continues or does not continue with him, in short, she is my friend, not him, besides, I just enjoy disturbing him!” Juan says he does not care is Pao stays in her marriage, though he has voiced on the show that he would love to see them break up.

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