Paola & Russ Mayfield on ’90 Day Fiance’: Are They Still Together?

Paola And Russ Still Together


Paola Mayfield and her husband Russ star on the reality series 90 Day Fiance and when it comes to the question of whether or not they are still together, the answer is “yes”. Paola met Russ when she was living in her home country of Colombia. She then moved to the United States to marry him. The move caused a strain with her family, as well as with a close friend of hers, a man named Juan. Juan has been very vocal about his disrespect for the couple’s marriage and his desire for them to break up, so Russ is definitely not a fan of Juan. Fans have criticized Paola, aka “Pao”, for keeping her friendship with Juan, arguing she hasn’t supported her husband enough.

Recently, Pao responded to some of the criticism, writing on Instagram that, “Why do I not end up my friendship with Juan? It is easy to say it but you wouldn’t call it a friendship if you don’t care about someone after 16 years of friendship and without trying to make it work. I don’t have many friends, maybe because I don’t trust people that easy and I am ok with that but giving up part of my life and past isn’t easy for me. I love my husband but I also love my friends. My life didn’t end when I got married, it was the beginning of a new chapter.”

The Mayfields have had their issues over the years, in addition to their rocky relationship with Paola’s friend, Juan. When Paola moved to Oklahoma to be with Russ, he had a lot of issues with her aspiring model career. His biggest problem was his conservative views when it came to her sexy photo shoots. Paola felt confined in Oklahoma, so she decided to move to Miami, Florida, which left her husband still in Oklahoma, at the time. The couple decided to try a long-distance relationship for a little while and, ultimately, Russ moved to Miami to be with his wife.

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Recently, there have been rumors that the Mayfields are expecting a baby together, according to In Touch Weekly. The two were previously expecting a child, but Paola ended up having a miscarriage, which she revealed on 90 Day Fiance, was caused by her blood type. Paola has an O negative blood type, but she is also Rh negative, which is rare. Because of this, a fetus can end up with Rh positive blood and the mother’s body may view the Rh positive blood as an allergen, according to The American Pregnancy Association. In turn, a loss of pregnancy can result. Fortunately, this can be preventable when the mother becomes aware of the issue.

Paola often posts sexy photos of herself or sweet pics with her husband. This past February, Pao responded to haters who were body-shaming her by posting another sexy photo on Instagram, with this as a caption,”Too skinny, Too many clothes, you are almost naked, too fat, too old, too much makeup. Wow, it’s always something but unfortunately I’m not here to please you or anyone. I’m here to SHARE my life with you. Thanks for your “opinion” on how to live it though … I will probably never dress like you and that is ok because I’m not you and you are NOT me! I’m not upset about the “critics” but it’s annoying the way you think it is right to express your opinion on my photos. Rude, mean, and disrespectful.” Recently, Paola has continued to post sexy and revealing photos on Instagram. With that said, as far as recent baby rumors, unless Paola is very early in her pregnancy, it doesn’t appear that she is pregnant.