Who Are Pedro Jimeno’s Mother Lidia & Sister Nicole?

Pedro Jimeno Mother Lidia


Pedro Jimeno is married to Chantel Everett and the two have been appearing on 90 Day Fiance, with their families pinned against each other over the past couple years. As Pedro and Chantel share a small one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, he continues to send his mother, Lydia, and sister, Nicole money, back in the Dominican Republic. Everett, along with her family, and 90 Day Fiance viewers, have voiced their concerns and criticisms over Pedro’s continued financial support of his family over his wife.

Last season, Pedro and Chantel’s families came face to face in the Dominican Republic and the visit ended in turmoil. Chantel’s parents felt insulted by Pedro’s mother and Chantel got into a verbal altercation with Nicole.

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This season, Chantel is trying to smooth things over with Pedro’s family, as well as her own, but the drama continues. And when Pedro’s sister, Nicole, comes to Atlanta for a visit, the problems worsen. Pedro and Chantel spent approximately $1,000 for a new couch for Nicole to sleep on while staying with them. When Nicole arrives, she refuses to stay on the sofa, and Chantel becomes offended, as well as very upset. Pedro takes his sister’s side over Chantel, his wife. During the fight, Nicole even calls her mother, Lidia, to joke about the couch incident.

At one point, Pedro considers staying in a hotel with his sister, instead of the apartment he shares with Chantel. This makes Chantel’s family furious and they even say they wonder if Nicole is actually his sister.

For years, Chantel’s parents have questioned Pedro’s motives in marrying their daughter, voicing that they believe his mother, Lidia, coached him into marrying an American, “for the American dollar”. Pedro also let it slip this season that he and his family have business plans for the future, back in the Dominican Republic. So, this surprising news probably didn’t help with their trust issues.

So, what does Lidia do for a living? According to Starcasm, Lidia previously had a website called Servicios Legales DR, but it has been removed. It appears that Lidia may be a lawyer, as some of the services listed on the site include Sales Contracts and Transfer of Real Estate, Trade Name Registration, Divorce by Mutual Consent, Sales Contracts and Transfer of Motor Vehicles, and Trademark Registration. Lidia’s title with the website was listed as a project manager. According to Chantel’s family, as reported by Monsters and Critics, Pedro’s mother allegedly is an immigration attorney and helps people obtain visas in order to get permission to travel and move abroad. If this is true, it would be quite convenient for her son, Pedro.

Lidia does not appear to currently be in a romantic relationship, but she was previously reported to have had a profile on the dating website Caribbean Cupid.

As for Pedro’s sister, her full name is Nicole Jimeno Morel, according to her Facebook account. Like Pedro’s wife, Chantel, Nicole appears to enjoy posing for photos and modeling in online pictures. Her Facebook account lists that she previously won Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2016.

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