Rebecca McFarlane, Richard Bacon’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Rebecca "Becky" Bacon pictured in 2008.

Rebecca McFarlane has been married to Richard Bacon since 2008. A few months before he was put into a medically induced coma, Bacon said that he was finally able to be a “good husband and father.”

The Sun reported on July 12 that Bacon had been placed into a medically induced coma after he his body failed to respond to a mysterious respiratory virus. A “source” told the tabloid, “This is an extremely worrying time for everyone who loves him. Doctors started treating him for pneumonia but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t working and his condition took a dramatic turn for the worse. They had no choice but to put him into a medically induced coma to save his life because things spiraled so fast, but that was a week ago and they are no closer to finding out what is wrong with him or how to help him. It’s touch and go, and extremely upsetting for everyone who loves him. They are beside themselves with worry.” A week previous, Bacon said on Twitter that he had to be stretchered off of a flight from Los Angeles to London due to illness. Bacon also took the opportunity to commend the United Kingdom’s public health service.

London native Bacon lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Becca, and their two children, Arthur and Ivy.

Here’s what you need to know about the love of Bacon’s life:

1. McFarlane Was Once a Nanny for a Member of Motley Crue

Bacon told the Guardian in an April 2015 feature about his move from London to Los Angeles. He said that the move was not that hard because their children were still young but also because McFarlane has a “romantic attachment to the area. When she was about 18 she spent six months there, a nanny for a member of Mötley Crue or something.” Bacon added, “My wife is incredibly thoughtful and organized but also 10 percent hippy. The biggest decisions in our lives are the shortest conversations; we’ll have far longer conversations about what type of cereal to buy.” Bacon told Good Morning Britain in October 2015 that his son was enrolled in a school that is “essentially run by hippies.” Bacon would reiterate the hippy remark in an interview with Daily Express where he also called his wife his “best friend.”

2. McFarlane’s Father Is the Chairman of Barclay’s Bank

John McFarlane Barclays

John McFarlane speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City in 2015. Getty

McFarlane is the daughter of the chairman of Barclay’s Bank, John McFarlane. He has been in the position since 2015. Previously, Scottish born John McFarlane has been an executive with the Bank of England, Citibank and the Royal Bank of Scotland, according to his Barclay’s profile.

Reports in London suggested that John McFarlane was planning to step down from his role at Barclay’s earlier, those reports were later squashed. In September 2017, John McFarlane made international news when he told CNBC that he believed Donald Trump was “economically rational.” John McFarlane added, “it’s always very difficult for [businessmen who go into politics] in the early stages.”

3. One of McFarlane’s Ex-Boyfriends Was Accused of Beating Up Bacon in a Bar Bathroom

In August 2006, Bacon was attacked by two men inside the bathroom of a bar in London. Initially, police arrested the two men. Prosecutors later dropped the charges against both men, one of whom was an ex-boyfriend of McFarlane’s. The Crown Prosecution Service said that they accepted the men’s story that they had been provoked by Bacon and had been acting in self-defense.

Bacon told the Evening Standard initially that the attack was not over a girl. During the same interview, Bacon partly described the assault saying, “I was in a defensive position on the ground, and I kept saying, ‘Whatever it is I’ve done, I’m sorry’. But that didn’t seem to get a reaction, so in the end I just screamed for help really loudly, and then he went.”

4. Bacon Postponed Throat Surgery So He Could Marry McFarlane

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Bacon and McFarlane were married in Somerset, England, in January 2008, reported the Daily Mail at the time. The Mail article says that the couple met when they were both working at London’s Capital radio and had been dating for 18 months before they tied the knot. They had been friends for a year before that. The Guardian reported in November 2007 that McFarlane was Capital’s marketing manager. At the time of the wedding, Bacon was due to have a non-cancerous growth removed from his vocal chords, but canceled the surgery for the ceremony, the Mail said. The couple honeymooned in the Maldives after their wedding.

The Independent reported in September 2006 that Bacon had split-up from his girlfriend, Konnie Huq, a TV presenter.

Bacon wrote a blog for the BBC’s website in 2012 where he detailed his battles with online trolls. Bacon, who at the time was hosting a radio talk show on BBC Radio 5, said that a man began making threats against Bacon. The man was a fan of Bacon’s predecessor, Simon Mayo. Bacon said the man had set up a website and Twitter account that constantly trolled the new host.

Bacon wrote, “Apart from a running commentary on what he disliked about each day’s programme, he would fantasize about my death, daydream about me dying in a plane crash and express his hope that my body would be mangled in a car wreck… As the months wore on, he became utterly obsessed. He started posting links full of abuse to my wife, mother and work colleagues. My newborn son even garnered a few mentions.” It was at that point the police got involved and shut the troll down.

5. Richard Bacon Said He Was Diagnosed With ADHD a Few Months Before His Coma

Four months before Bacon was placed in a coma, he told This Morning in the United Kingdom that he had recently been diagnosed with ADHD. Bacon said that this diagnosis helped him understand his past, with regards to drugs and alcohol. Bacon said, “I’m so much better. I’m sleeping a lot better, only drinking a couple of times a week and a lot less.”

Bacon also said that the diagnosis had allowed him to finally be a “good husband and father.” He added, “There are many upsides to ADHD, it’s not a sad story. You want to retain who you are, but you want to smooth out the rough, dangerous edges.”