‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 Reunion Spoilers & Live Recap – Part 1

Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion Spoilers

Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

The season 5 reunion of Southern Charm is a three-part episode, with the first of them airing on July 19, 2018, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m. CT. Read on for the spoilers on part 1 of the reunion, as we deliver a live recap of the episode below.

Amid Thomas Ravenel’s allegations of sexual assault, he did not attend the reunion, though girlfriend Ashley Jacobs makes an appearance. Cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith is not a part of this year’s reunion either because he had a conflicting work commitment. Sudler-Smith’s mother, Patricia Altschul never attends the reunion shows.

The reunion started with some behind-the-scenes footage of the cast getting ready, in hair and makeup, and chowing down before the big event. Then, clips of interactions throughout the reunion were shown in a brief montage. Cameran Eubanks cried that Ashley Jacobs “is a horrible human being”. Jacobs was then shown getting ready for the reunion on her own, away from the cast.

Now let’s get started. Dennis showed off her new breast augmentation, as the rest of the cast went through a brief introduction. Cast member Naomie Olindo also debuted her new nose.

Thomas Ravenel’s lawyer released a statement for the reunion, saying that both Ravenel and Bravo made the decision to not have Ravenel included in the reunion because of the current investigation going on. Ravenel said he feels he will be vindicated after the investigation. Eubanks said that she felt it was the right decision, while Dennis said she wouldn’t comment on the investigation. Ravenel was accused of raping his and Dennis’ former nanny. Shep Rose and Olindo said that, though Ravenel can be volatile, they do love him.

The allegations against JD and his being a bad husband came up next and Olindo said she wished she hadn’t put up with certain behaviors in her own relationship with ex Craig Conover. Eubanks and Chelsea Meissner said that JD has always had a reputation in Charleston. JD’s wife Elizabeth Madison, was not happy with the women speaking out against JD, while Olindo said that Madison gave her permission for what was said on the show. Dennis said that she feels JD intimidates Madison.

Eubanks’ pregnancy and motherhood was then discussed and a photo of her baby daughter, Palmer, was shown. She said that she actually watched YouTube videos to prepare her for delivery. During labor, Eubanks joked that one of the nurses actually told him he needed to help his wife.

When Patricia Altschul threw Eubanks a baby shower, she did not invite Dennis and felt it was her right since she was throwing the party. Eubanks and the other cast members said they did not agree with Altschul’s decision. Conover’s attempt to make a teddy bear as a gift for Eubanks was then joked about. Eubanks said that after giving birth, she cried every day and didn’t know if she had postpartum depression. She said that having a baby is a shock to your system and she’s now grown to have an overwhelming love for her baby. Dennis had a much different experience when she had her first baby.

Eubanks and Dennis said there’s always pressure to be “the perfect mom”, but she said that any mother should accept help. She also said the mental health of the mother is most important.

Next, Conover was asked about how he injured his hand with a butter knife. His joint is currently still stuck and now he goes to physical therapy for the injury. Eubanks then talked about how messy Conover’s house was when she visited. Conover said that he is now a working attorney, but that he uses sewing as an outlet for his emotions. Altschul had given Conover an opportunity to make a pillow design for her company, but blew the gig and he said it was definitely a lesson to be learned.

Olindo confirmed that Conover’s lack of follow-through was one of the big reasons for their break up. Olindo said that she’s never been happier and that Conover has sent her mean messages online. He wasn’t happy that she posted a photo of their cat with her new boyfriend. Conover then claimed that Olindo is no longer into her new man, though her Instagram account shows otherwise. Dennis confirmed that Olindo said she no longer had the butterflies feeling for her new man, Metul. Dennis said maybe she misunderstood, but said that’s what she heard from Olindo.

Conover said that, in the past, he hasn’t been able to hold himself accountable for anything, but that today is different. He said he sometimes lies, but that he is still seeing his life coach. His fellow cast members agreed that Conover does tell little lies.

Olindo was then asked about her nose job and she said she’s wanted a nose job since she was 8 years old. Conover said that when Olindo got the plastic surgery, he was upset. Unfortunately, Olindo received bad feedback for her decision on social media. Conover said that he felt she was beautiful before and still is now.

Olindo said she would never date Conover again, while he said he would only date the original Olindo he met and not the woman she is today. Most of the others in the room raised their hands when asked if they thought Conover was still in love with ex Olindo.

Backstage, Jacobs was shown saying that Ravenel gave her advice prior to her appearing on the reunion. She also said she planned on “getting even”.

Next up was Dennis’ evolution in life, as well as on the show. Host Andy Cohen then joked about the busted screen on Dennis’ cell phone. Since filming, she has gotten a new phone. Then he said that her job interview at Gwynn’s was “the most excruciating thing” he had ever seen. Eubanks said she had to change the channel. Dennis said she was so nervous because she didn’t want the people at Gwynn’s to be disappointed with her. Today, Dennis says she works with Gwynn’s as a brand ambassador.

Dennis said she currently has joint custody of her two kids with Ravenel and that she still takes mandated drug tests. She said she no longer has resentment about taking the drug tests, though she does feel it’s out of spit. Dennis said her kids help keep her sober. She also said that her great co-parenting relationship with Ravenel is because she tries to remain positive. Dennis then said she hadn’t seen Jacobs since the finale filming.

Eubanks said that she now feels Dennis is more of a victim and that she was manipulated by Ravenel because she was very young when she got together with him. Eubanks became choked up and apologized for the way she treated Dennis in the past. Dennis said she felt she was treated unfairly, but said she knows Ravenel can be convincing and she appreciates being understood today. When Eubanks was asked what she thought of Ashley Jacobs’ insults against Dennis as a mother, Eubanks said she thinks Jacobs is a horrible human being.