Unfriended Dark Web: Ending Explained

Unfriended Dark Web Ending Explained

Unfriended: Dark Web is the newest horror film to hit theaters and it’s looking to deliver a plethora of scares. Just like the original Unfriended, Dark Web is completely constrained to someone’s computer screen. However, this time the supernatural aspect has been trashed for something slightly more grounded and the story now revolves around a group of young adults instead of teenagers.

This means there are no real connections to the first Unfriended film and you don’t need to have seen the original to understand what’s happening in Dark Web. The basic premise of Dark Web is a young man named Matias steals a laptop from his work and participates in game night with his friends via Skype. Unfortunately, it turns out the laptop is owned by a notorious human trafficker who figures out that Matias has his computer.

What follows is 90 minutes of the criminal stalking, threatening, and terrorizing Matias and his friends. Things begin to unravel around the halfway point when we learn about who the criminal works for and what their plans are. Keep in mind we will be writing this under the assumption that you have seen the film and won’t be doing a full breakdown of the entire film’s story. This is solely focused on the third act and the big twist at the end of Unfriended: Dark Web.

Ending Explained

Unfriended Dark Web

When the third act kicks in, Matias’ deaf girlfriend Amaya is on her way over to his apartment. The criminal – who previously owned the laptop – has made a deal with Matias not to kill Amaya and return Amaya’s friend (whom he kidnapped) safely in exchange for his computer. However, Matias has already figured out who the criminal’s last victim was prior to this entire film and attempts to blackmail him into freeing the girl by stealing all of his money.

This backfires spectacularly when the criminal organization discovers that Matias is not the human trafficker he was posing as during these events. The rest of the film focuses on this group systematically killing each of Matias’ friends until only him and his buddy Damon are left on the Skype call. By now Matias has left his apartment in order to go save Amaya from certain danger leaving Damon by himself.

Damon then addresses the shadowy group directly and explains that he has been copying the incriminating videos and intends to send them all around the world. Sadly, the group expected this and takes control of the computer. They then Photoshop Matias’ face into the videos, implicating him as the person kidnapping people. We then see a hooded figure drag a body bag into Matias’ room and Damon realizes that this entire night was set up by the criminal organization.

Unfriended: Dark Web | Official Trailer | BH TiltDeath wants some Face Time. From the Producer of Get Out, The Purge, and Happy Death Day comes Unfriended: Dark Web. In theaters July 20. #BewareDarkWeb2018-06-14T15:19:44.000Z

What this means is from the moment Matias logged into the stolen laptop the group has been monitoring his actions. Everything he has done from being contacted by the human trafficker to transferring the criminal’s money into his own account has been predicted by this organization. How could these evildoers know that Matias would follow a bunch of random steps that would clearly implicate himself and his friends of these crimes – well Unfriended: Dark Web never explains that. The big twist relies on a lot of events taking place that could not be directly controlled by an outside force.

After this realization, Amaya is taken to a warehouse and is captured by the human trafficker. Her fate is never revealed, but we can assume she’ll be tortured and killed for the group’s amusement. Damon is then killed in his apartment and has his death framed as a suicide by one of the organization’s members. Someone then writes a small suicide note on Damon’s computer “confessing” that he and his friends committed these crimes.

We also see that the body bag one of those group members brought into Matias’ apartment contained a living person inside of it. This isn’t a random citizen, but the last person that the organization captured which further places blame on Matias as one of the criminals. Finally, Unfriended: Dark Web shows the entire organization voting on whether Matias should live or die. Almost everyone agrees he should die and is run over by a truck a few seconds later.

The film then pulls back on a computer revealing the scope of this operation and that the perspective of the movie has actually been from one of the criminal’s computers. This proves that they have been watching this entire time and had access to everything Matias was doing since Dark Web started.

Keep in mind there have been rumors of a second ending to Unfriended: Dark Web. While we haven’t seen this second ending, we assume the movie finishes with Matias’ living and ultimately getting arrested for his “crimes.”

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