‘Wendy Williams Show’ Today’s Hot Topics Recap – 7/19/2018

Wendy Williams Show Today Hot Topics


How You Doin’?! For Wendy Williams fans out there, they know exactly what that means. It’s the talk show star’s signature phrase. At the top of each live episode of her daily show The Wendy Williams Show, Williams opens with the phrase, along with a few words to the audience and then dives right into her juicy segment “Hot Topics.” Unfortunately, sometimes viewers miss episodes and wonder what Williams said today. Who did she dish the dirt on? Get the recap on today’s Hot Topics below for all the good stuff as it airs live.

Williams kicked off the show in a black and gold, fringed little romper and thanked her audience for watching, just before jumping into Hot Topics. For her first order of business, she talked about how she celebrated her birthday yesterday, enjoying the event with a huge gala dinner for the Be Here campaign. It was the first annual event.

Then she started with Stevie J and Faith Evans tying the knot. The two had a surprise, quickie wedding in Las Vegas, and were married by a Cher impersonator. Williams said that Evans’ son, CJ, was pissed by the news. CJ is actually the god-son of Stevie J, which surprised audience members. Williams said she definitely believes the two got married, but felt they could have just dated and didn’t need to necessarily get into a legally binding situation.

Williams then brought up Stevie J’s million-dollar back child support and said he had a scummy reputation. She then joked that she was thinking, while adjusting her wig this morning, that Stevie J and Faith Evans have probably just been sleeping together for years and decided to solidify the relationship. Williams said the family and friends were reportedly blindsided and that they rushed into it so that no one could stop the situation. Williams said that Evans sent their family and friends a song she recorded called “One Minute” after the union.

Then, Williams said that this situation is probably a set up for a reality show. Stevie J’s ex, Joseline, blew up his spot, saying that Stevie J actually asked her to marry him and she turned him down. She posted that shade online, saying “Happy Honeymoon. Petty Wednesday.” Williams said she would definitely watch that reality show, especially if Joseline got involved.

Rick Ross’ baby’s mother Tia was the next on the Hot Topics segment. Apparently, after Williams talking about Ross owing her money, Tia posted a “paid” emoji online, so did Williams’ report get her the money she deserved?

Leslie Jones and Jessica Alba’s new feud was then brought up. Jones voiced her upset over Alba’s Honest Company and claims of its poor service over the last few years. Jones put Alba on blast via social media and Williams said she was in full support of the bold move. The company reportedly apologized about a delayed diaper cake and expressed their issues with shipping dates. Jones was not satisfied with the response and Alba then publicly apologized online and gushed that she is a huge fan of Jones.

Williams said that she doesn’t believe any of Alba’s apology. Jones didn’t respond to Alba and cancelled her standing order with the Honest Company. Meanwhile, Williams’ crew member Suzanne is a fan of the Honest diapers.

Then Williams got into Real Housewives of New York City, dishing on Bethenny Frankel’s custody and legal issues with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy. Williams refreshed the audience’s memory on Hoppy, saying he sent Frankel horrible emails and got into a fight with her at their daughter’s school, so she had filed a restraining order. Williams’ thought is that you need a storyline to stay on the show, and she also believes Frankel is just on the show to sell her products. I mean, why not, right?

Williams then directed some comments to Frankel, saying that “you got what you got” and “you get what you get”. She said that Frankel made it seem like Hoppy is a monster and that their daughter Bryn is most likely watching the show or will be soon.

Next was Williams talking about how Tyrese voiced publicly that he regrets getting into a fight with The Rock over The Fast and the Furious franchise. Williams then joked that The Rock’s current movie Skyscraper is not doing great in theaters. Tyrese said that he had found himself being the messenger on behalf of several people within the franchise, but he ended up being the only one of them to go public with his feelings. He said he hasn’t spoken to The Rock, but intends to in the future at some point, saying “we will have a conversation.” Williams said The Rock wants nothing to do with Tyrese and that Tyrese doesn’t really want to mend things with The Rock.

Williams said that The Rock is probably trying to figure out a way to kill off Tyrese from the franchise right now. She said that Tyrese is important to the franchise, but not THAT important and she warns him that he may meet his demise if he keeps talking.

Williams then said that she is winding down season 9 of the show and will be back with a “banging” season 10, with chances for people to win up to $10,000 a day.

After today’s edition of “Hot Topics” actor Joel McHale weighed in on the latest Hot Topics as well. He also discussed his new Netflix show. In addition, Sara Skirboll gave viewers ideas on saving money for back-to-school shopping.