AGT 2018 Dunkin Save Vote: How to Use the Voting App for Week 2 of the Live Shows

AGT 2018 Dunkin Save

Photo by: Andrew Eccles/NBC

Week 2 of the live shows began yesterday for America’s Got Talent 2018. Last night, twelve acts, out of the top 36 performers, put on performances for the judges and for America’s votes. Some did well and received rave reviews, while others got buzzers from the judges.

Tonight, only 7 acts will make it through to the next round of the competition, as part 1 of the quarter finals comes to a close. During the live results show, at-home viewers will have the opportunity to vote live, using the Dunkin’ Save, to try to save one of the acts in jeopardy, according to News OK. Five acts will make it through based on last night’s votes, while others are eliminated. The three acts in jeopardy will be narrowed down to two.

America will use the Dunkin’ Save for just one of the three. The judges will then choose one more of the three to move on in the competition. Should the judges’ votes end in a tie, America’s votes from yesterday will determine who goes home.

If you are going to vote online when you use the Dunkin’ Save for your favorite acts, you can access the voting here. To sign up to use the Dunkin’ Save, you can either sign in via Facebook or enter your email with a password. Then check off “I have read and agree to the NBC Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Video Viewing Policy. I understand that NBC Entertainment may send me the latest news, promotions and more from NBC.” If you already have an NBC profile, simply sign in. By signing up for an NBC profile, you can also watch NBC programming on the website, as well as link your TV provider.

Fans are also able to save their favorite acts by using the AGT 2018 voting app, as the live results show airs. The AGT app is available via the iTunes Apple Store, as well as Google Play. When voting via the AGT App, the website states, “For the best possible experience, please make sure to update your device to the latest Android or iOS operating system before running the app. If you experience issues, make sure to completely close out of the app, reboot your device and restart the AGT App. If issues persist, please contact us at”

AGT 2018 Dunkin Save


The acts who performed last night on the show included Makayla Phillips, Da Republik, Noah Guthrie, dancers Quinn & Misha, funny performers Yumbo Dump, Glennis Grace, daredevil acrobatic act Duo Transcend, Voices of Hope, Front Pictures, Samuel J. Comroe, scared magician The Sacred Riana, and a wild card act The Savitsky Cats. Yumbo Dump got three buzzers from the four judges, until the last part of their act, which incorporated a dolphin love story. After they finished, Simon Cowell and Mel B wanted to take their x’s back because they enjoyed the final part of the act.

The Sacred Riana terrified the judges and confused at-home viewers, as it appeared a technical issue went down. The show cut to commercial towards the end of The Sacred Riana’s performance, so viewers had no idea how it ended. This was just one of the technical glitches that went on during the show.

For the special guests on tonight’s results show, AGT alumni The Illusionists and Light Balance will perform.

Contestants this season on America’s Got Talent are vying for a $1 million prize and headline a show at the Paris Theater in the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is set for November 2 – 4, 2018.