‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 8 Cast Spoilers

Alaskan Bush People Season 8 Cast

Discovery Channel The Brown Family.

Alaskan Bush People Ami Brown, mother of seven, nearly died of lung cancer after battling the disease publicly on the show. Brown revealed on the show that in December 2016, she thought that pain she was having was actually her arthritis. Then, her dentist made a discovery and requested that she get further testing. Brown soon found out that she had stage 3B lung cancer and that she might even have stage 4. Weeks later, it was revealed via social media that Brown did indeed have stage 4 cancer. According to Very Well, this kind of cancer often spreads to nearby tissue or lymph nodes and make it impossible to operate.

Unfortunately, the life expectancy for those with advanced lung cancer is slim to none, with a very small percentage. Brown previously told People that she had a 3% chance to live, but she was able to overcome the disease and is now in remission, as Alaskan Bush People goes into its 8th season.

While Ami Brown battled the disease for months, her family gathered around her and her husband Billy stated on the show that, “She doesn’t want to be a burden on someone. That’s not Ami. Ami is to take the burden away and take care of everything, but she has to admit to herself that she can’t be that right now. It’s just time for us to pay it back to her right now, it’s all I think we can do.” At the time of diagnosis, once digesting her reality, Brown said she was determined to fight for her life.

Fortunately, Brown is in remission, but her family, the ABP cast, has relocated to Washington, instead of Alaska, in order to accommodate their mom’s health needs. So, what else has changed for the Brown family as they go into season 8 of the show? Here are the spoilers we’ve gathered on what to expect this season from each of the cast members.

Alaskan Bush People 2018 Cast

The Brown Family.

Noah returns to the Wolfpack on episode 2 of the show, after being gone. This reunites the entire family for the first time since Alaska. The family must start from square one to create their own, new homestead. The official plot synopsis states, that when it comes to the Brown family’s kids this season, “Matt, the first-born Brown sibling, brings his problem-solving skills and passion for the wild to the new homestead. Bam Bam, the second-born son and the family’s voice of reason, has his hands full with the new dangers of living on a remote mountain top. Noah is the inventor of the family, while Bear reconnects with his animal instincts deep in the bush. Gabe, having survived the most stressful year of his life, finds his old, humorous self in the wild. Snowbird and Raindrop are the two daughters of the Brown clan – Rain, the youngest, takes on a new role, helping the family build their biggest structure yet, while Bird, the family hunter, steps up to hold the entire wolfpack together when times are at their worst.”

According to Discovery, when it comes to the patriarch, Billy, and how he’s adjusting to the new living environment, as well as having his wife’s health out of the red, Discovery writes, “Following her year-long battle with cancer, Ami Brown, the family matriarch, heads back to the bush full of hope and optimism. Billy, the Brown family patriarch, is determined to continue the family’s self-sufficient and unique way of life. ‘As long as God, Ami, and my family are beside me, I’ll ride the wind of adventure to the end.'”

Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People airs on the Discovery network, on Sunday nights, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m. CT. Keep an eye out for rerun episodes that air throughout the week on the network as well. Season 8 episodes of the show have started to become available for purchase on Amazon. Find additional ways to watch the show online here.