Alfred Delia: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alfred “Big Al” Delia is the Little League slugger who appears in a viral video talking about how he likes to “hit dingers.” After a video of Delia made the rounds on social media, twitter started buzzing with people praising the 12 year old baseball player. You can watch the viral video here.

In the video, Delia walks straight up to the camera and announces confidently, “Hi. My name is Alfred Delia. At home they call me Big Al. And I hit dingers.”

Here’s what you need to know about Alfred Delia:

1. Delia Plays for Middletown Little League, the New Jersey State Champion This Year

“Big Al” Delia plays for Middletown Little League, which beat out all the other New Jersey teams to be state champions this year. The team calls itself the “Green Machine.”

After winning the state championship, Middletown went on to enter the Little League Mid-Atlantic Tournament. They squared off against Maryland’s champion on Friday, August 10. But Maryland defeated New Jersey — which means that Big Al will have to wait until the next season to hit more dingers.

Middletown Little League has been around since 1960. There are teams for boys and girls aged from 5 to 16. The league is open to all kids living within its boundary map.

2. Delia Scored Middletown’s Only Home Run In Their Final Game of the Season

On Saturday August 11, Middletown played Maryland; it was their first game of the Mid Atlantic Tournament. Sadly, Middletown lost, and badly. Maryland defeated them 11-1.

But who hit that one home run for Middleton? Alfred “Big Al” Delia.

Big Al knocked in a dinger which scored Middletown its first — and only — point in the game. So even though Middletown had to go home, at least they weren’t scoreless — thanks to Delia.

3. ‘Big Al’ Dances in the Dugout When No one’s Looking

Someone captured a shot of Delia dancing in the dugout in between his at-bats. We don’t know exactly what happened that made Delia get up and dance. Did someone on his team get a hit? Did someone on the other team make an error? Or, was he just feeling good about life in general?

What’s clear is that Delia knows how to get up and celebrate, and this kid doesn’t seem to have any self-consciousness at all.

4. Delia’s Dad Is Very Involved With the League

Justine Alfano is a Little League mom. Her son, Gaetano Alfano, bats number 13 on the Middletown team, and Justine is a dedicated fan. She posts about the team often on her Twitter account.

In response to the #bigal phenomenon — when Delia started getting a lot of attention online — Justine Alfano wrote a quick post praising not only Alfred himself, but his whole family for their warm, positive outlook and their dedication to the game. She wrote, “Big AL is the HEART of our team! He loves the game and his teammates & his dad is awesome too and took care of our boys this week like his own! Wonderful family all of the Delia’s.”

5. Delia Has His Own Hashtag on Twitter

Around 6 million people have watched Alfred Delia’s “intro” video — that’s the one where he walks up to the camera and says, in a surprisingly raspy 12 year old voice, “Hi. My name is Alfred Delia. At home they call me Big Al. And I hit dingers.”

Delia is now so popular that he’s generated a hashtag on Twitter. All kinds of people are posting under the hashtag #bigal — and every single post is positive. There are adults saying they want to “be Big Al” when they grow up.

Here are just a few of the reactions of Big Al on Twitter:

There was plenty of rabid fandom:

Some talk about Big Al’s future:

And even a bit of philosophy:

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