‘Are You the One’ Season 7 Cast Spoilers

Are you the one season 7 cast, are you the one season 7 spoilers


Tonight, 22 new singles will be looking for their soulmate on a new season of MTV’s Are You the One.

For those of you unfamiliar with how the show works, it goes something like this: 22 cast members are secretly matched by matchmaking professionals. Throughout the course of the season, they must find their perfect match. Season 6 cast members became the first cast in history to accurately pair up all 11 couples.

Will this happen again in season 7? Only time will tell. For now, take a look at the cast members making up this season of Are You The One?.

Andrew Couture

Andrew is from Boston, and has quite the following on Instagram, with 21.7k followers. Based on that Instagram, it seems Andrew is a huge fan of the gym and staying fit.

According to his LinkedIn, Andrew currently lives in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where he went to university, and now works as a Marketing Analyst for Discovery Medical Inc.

Tomas Buenos

Tomas is originally from Argentina, and moved to the US when he was 11. He’s open about the fact that he’s a player.

Tevin Grant

Tevin makes money as a professional party host and organizer. According to his Instagram, Tev is a model, and has over 25k followers on Instagram. Check it out here.

Samantha McKinnon


Samantha McKinnon has worked at Deuce’s and the Diamond Club in Wrigleyville. Today, she’s the manager at three of Chicago’s hottest clubs.

She admits to the Chicago Tribune that she’s had “dysfunctional relationship habits” in the past.

Nutsa Sikharulidze

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Nutsa was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. She was involved in a messy long-term relationship and is now looking forward to finding a man who meets her high expectations.

Lauren Roush


Lauren Roush is a Southern belle and former Miss West Virginia USA.

She’s currently pursuing degrees in both education and law at West Virginia University.

Jasmine Rodriguez


In the summer, Jasmine works as a bartender on the Jersey Shore. She makes enough money to help her pay the school bills.

Her Instagram states she is Puerto Rican and Chilean.

Bria Hamilton

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California girls sweeter than pieces of candy ?

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Bria is an overachiever, and understands that her controlling nature may have gotten in the way of some past relationships.

Kayla Umagat


Kayla is a former NFL cheerleader.

Her MTV bio reads, “Having been emotionally hurt by her previous relationships, Kayla is now prone to self-sabotage in her relationships and has a hard time taking a good guy at face value. Will Kayla learn that not all men are out to play her and trust that the good guy is just that, a good guy?”

Asia Woodley

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I DID IT!??‍?? ??

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Asia Woodley hopes to make a career in on-air broadcasting. Today, she works as an entertainment reporter for MUSE TV.

She studied communications at California State University, Fullerton. She writes, “I am especially passionate about on-air broadcast reporting, entertainment culture and sports. I currently work for MUSE Digital Media as an Entertainment Reporter and on-air talent.”

Morgan Fletcher

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Morgan is a former competitive dancer and speaks her mind.

Shamoy Persad


Shamoy was raised in the US Virgin Islands. He’s an entrepreneur and started his own clothing line.

His bio on MTV.com reads, “When Shamoy is into a woman, he wants to be with her 24-7, often leaving her feeling smothered. Will Shamoy learn that he needs to give his relationships some breathing room if he really wants to see them grow?”

Kwasi Opoku


Kwasi is from New Jersey, and attended Montclair State University. He is the son of Ghanaian immigrant parents, and studied biology and public health in school.

Cam Viney


Cam is 24, and graduated from the University of Illinois in 2017. He went on to get study at West Virginia Law School.

According to his bio on MTV.com, Viney is a black Republican and Trump supporter. He is currently interning in Washington, DC, where he one day hopes to enter politics.

Brett Ferri


Brett is a certified personal trainer at Equinox in Manhattan.

He graduated from the State University of New York College at Brockport, where he studied kinesiology and exercise science.

Since graduating, Brett has worked as a warehouse associate, landscaper, and group fitness instructor.

Cali Trepp

Cali is a 24-year-old model. She studied nursing and played volleyball at Alverno College in Milwaukee.

These days, Cali works as a pediatric nurse manager during the days and a singer and dancer at nights.

Trepp’s LinkedIn reads, “I am an incredibly talented young woman with a lot of drive and passion. I aspire to get my Master’s in Public Health and specialize in Marketing and Communications with the hopes of running large-scale health campaigns. I also would like to continue to lobby either with the state I will reside in or at the national level to continue to improve health policy.”

Kenya Scott

Kenya’s MTV bio states that she was raised by blind parents and “does not believe in letting your circumstances dictate what you can achieve.”

Lewis Belt

Lewis is a comedian and the life of the party.

Maria Elizondo


Maria is a college student working to get her degree in communications.

Zak Jones


Zak’s MTV bio reads, “After spending his high school years as a sweetheart and getting burned repeatedly, Zak came to the conclusion that nice guys finish last — and he was sick of finishing last. Since then, Zak has morphed into a supervillain of the dating world, but as much fun as Zak is having messing with people, he knows his behavior is self-defeating. Now that he’s growing his career in digital marketing, Zak is looking toward the future and wants a relationship that fits. Will Zak be able to climb out of the bad-boy hole that he’s dug for himself and find the girl worth being real with?”

Moe Elkhalil


Moe focuses much of his efforts on giving back to the community. His MTV bio reads, “Growing up as a Middle Eastern kid in Texas, Moe has unfortunately endured plenty of stereotyping — but that hasn’t changed his positive attitude. Moe is dedicated to giving back to his community and always tries to lead with warmth and a welcoming spirit, but there’s a flip side to Moe’s loving personality.”

Daniel Vilk

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Heard you’re looking for a handyman

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According to his MTV bio, Vilk is an “American-born lifeguard who takes enormous pride in his Ukranian heritage.”

According to his Instagram, he currently lives in New York City, where he works as a personal trainer. He’s also a Coney Island Beach Lifeguard.