Azealia Banks Calls Elon Musk an ‘Idiot’ on Instagram

Getty Azealia Banks performs

Azealia Banks has sparked another celebrity feud. The outspoken rapper hopped on Instagram on Monday to criticize musician Grimes and her boyfriend Elon Musk.

Banks claimed that traveled to Los Angeles over the weekend to work on music with Grimes, but things didn’t go according to plan. In a series of Instagram story posts that have since been deleted, Banks writes: “Literally been sitting at Elon Musks house alone for days waiting for @grimes to show up and start these sessions.” Another story read: “I have no idea when she is coming back. I’m going to wait one more day then I’m going to go home.”

A source told Business Insider that Banks did indeed arrive at one of Musk’s homes on Friday morning, and stayed until Sunday night. In a series of DM’s, Banks also wrote: “They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music. But his dumbass kept tweeting and tucked his d**k in between his a*s cheeks once s**t hit the fan.”

She added: “I saw him in the kitchen tucking his tail in between his legs scrounging for investors to cover his ass after that tweet,” she said. “He was stressed and red in the face. He’s not cute at all in person.”

Banks continued to criticize Musk on her Instagram; comparing him to “a real life episode of Get Out,” referencing the popular 2017 film, and speculating that he and Grimes invited her to their home so they could engage in a “threesome.” Banks told her followers that she “waited around all weekend while Grimes coddled her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on twitter while on acid.”

“LOL Elon Musk is better off hiring an escort,” Banks added. “At least an escort would have kept her mouth shut about his business. He’s got some dirty-sneaker-inbred-out- of the woods Pabst beer p**sy methhead-junkie running around town telling EVERYONE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM.”

“When you talk about white privilege and colonialism… his family’s wealth is rooted in emerald and ore mines in Southern Africa during apartheid,” Banks wrote in a separate post. “This trash a*s beta male pig was given his start in life because his disgusting racist parents took advantage of thousands of black people…”

Things got even more bizarre once Grimes and Musk responded to Banks’ claims. According to Gizmodo, Musk says he “has never even met [Banks] or communicated with her in any way.” A spokesperson for Tesla, Musk’s company, Jalopnik, added that the claims were “complete nonsense” and that Banks is a veteran of unprovoked celebrity feuds with the likes of Sarah Palin, Zayn Malik and Nick Cannon.

Banks and Grimes have been teasing musical collaboration over the past few weeks on Twitter, but it doesn’t look as though it will be happening anytime soon. Banks has yet to respond to Musk’s denial.

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