‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 5 Episode 4 Spoilers

Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers Season 5

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Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise airs two nights per week, on Monday and Tuesday nights, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT, on the ABC channel. Tonight airs episode 4 of the 2018 season and new cast members continue to arrive, as drama heats up with the current paradise residents. But, before we get into all the details on what happens on tonight’s episode, as well as other big spoilers for future episodes, this is your MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you do not want to know about tonight’s episode or any upcoming episodes.

The official ABC synopsis for episode 4 reads, “As storms continue to brew, both figuratively and literally, a distressed damsel confronts the man that deceived her by kissing another woman, who then joins them for an awkward conversation. Seeing his true colors, the shocked bachelorette realizes that she still hopes that her original love interest will prove to be her guy. So, when a newcomer with a date card steals away the dreamy football player for a conversation, it unnerves his former flame who fears what he would do if he were to get asked out on a date … With four women potentially going home at the rose ceremony, one insecure lady sets her sights on an available bachelor but worries when the newest arrival asks out the suddenly popular single dad …”

Tune in to the ABC network or find instructions on how to watch Bachelor in Paradise season 5 online here to watch the show. Now, read on below for tonight’s show spoilers.

Tia Booth Confronts Chris Randone About His Kissing Krystal Nielson

Colton & Tia Get Serious – Bachelor in Paradise (Episode 4) Sneak Peek PreviewBachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Episode 4) Preview2018-08-17T21:48:37.000Z

Tia Booth previously said on the show that she broke things off with Colton Underwood because he didn’t know what he wanted. In turn, she decided to pursue a relationship with Chris Randone, who seemed like “a good guy” and was very direct about wanting to pursue a romance with Booth. But, on the previous episode of the show, Randone, who asked for Booth to trust him, betrayed her trust quite quickly, sharing a kiss with cast member Krystal Nielson.

Prior to hanging out with Randone, Nielson had been spending time with Kevin Wentz, who was unpleasantly surprised when Nielson went out on a date with Kenny King. According to Reality Steve, Randone and Nielson leave paradise together engaged, while Booth leaves paradise alone. But, she does become with romantic with Underwood once again, according to ABC, especially after he blows the lid off of Randone’s shady ways.

Underwood gets advice from his fellow BIP cast-mates, who tell him that he shouldn’t over-complicate his connection to Booth.

Bibiana's Heart-to-Heart Conversation With Colton – Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Sneak Peek PreviewBachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Episode 4) Preview2018-08-19T05:55:18.000Z

Jordan Kimball Flips Out In Front of Jenna Cooper

Jordan Has a Massive Meltdown – Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Promo (Episode 4)Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Episode 4) Preview / Promo2018-08-17T22:06:25.000Z

Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz became rivals on The Bachelorette 2018, but their fighting didn’t end there. Kimball and Ravitz are both in paradise and Ravitz appears to make it a point to let anyone Kimball has his eye on know that he thinks the worst of Kimball. Ravitz also seems to enjoy poking the bear and getting a rise out of Kimball. Tonight, Ravitz gets a birthday present for Jenna Cooper, who Kimball started courting and it does not go over well.

According to the ABC press release, “Creating more controversy at the cocktail party, an unabashed pot-stirrer gifts a birthday girl with a giant stuffed dog designed to get under the skin of her jealous suitor, who also happens to be his bitter rival. Mission accomplished, as the male model lashes out on the adorable oversized pup and even some of the women. The spectacle he makes upsets one woman in particular – the one with whom he is falling madly in love – leaving her with a big dilemma. While other women panic over receiving a rose, she must decide whether or not to accept the one offered to her.”

Reality Steve previously reported that Kimball and Cooper get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, so, clearly, this outburst does not put an end to the couple’s romance together.

Also on tonight’s episode, newcomer Leo Dottavio appears to sweep Kendall Long off her feet, much to the dismay of a couple of the other men. In addition, another new arrival, Jacqueline Trumbull, makes moves on Kenny King, which doesn’t bode well with Annaliese Puccini.