‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 5 Episode 3 Spoilers

Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers 2018

ABC/Paul Hebert

Bachelor in Paradise 2018 is now two nights per week, on Monday and Tuesday nights, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT, on the ABC channel. Tonight airs episode 3 and the drama continues as more cast members arrive. But, before we get into all the details on what happens on tonight’s show, as well as other big spoilers for future episodes, this is your MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you do not want to know about tonight’s episode or any upcoming episodes.

The official ABC synopsis for episode 3 reads, “Becca Kufrin is still in Paradise and on her way to talk to an emotional bachelor from her season. Will he get the closure he needs? And will he stay in Paradise? Elsewhere, one specific romantic hopeful already imagines leaving Paradise engaged to the gorgeous guy who’s been making her feel special ever since she got there. Yet when a new arrival touches down in Mexico, this blindsided babe is suddenly worried that she may be on her way out the door. Later, a nerdy computer programmer is surprisingly a hot commodity when two other newcomers both take him out on dates.”

Tune in to the ABC network or find instructions on how to watch Bachelor in Paradise season 5 online here to watch the show. Now, read on below for tonight’s show spoilers.

Chris Randone Finds Romance With Another Woman Over Tia Booth

Tia Booth and Chris Randone

ABC/YouTubePictured: Tia Booth and Chris Randone

On tonight’s episode, Tia Booth tells the cameras that she broke things off with Colton Underwood because he didn’t know what he wanted. She decided to pursue a relationship with Chris Randone because she felt he was “a good guy”. But, it doesn’t look like Booth and Randone will end up together, as ABC writes that, “As another mixed-up man tries to figure out what he wants, the woman who has been waiting on him shifts her focus to the one who claims that he’s all in. Except when another feisty female finds this smooth talker sitting alone, they end up sharing a kiss. His loose lips about his escapades get him in trouble when the deceived damsel is enlightened by her ex and decides she needs to have a word with the cheat.”

Randone ends up locking lips with former Bachelor villain Krystal Nielson. Prior to her smooch fest with Randone, Nielson had been hanging out with Kevin Wentz, who was thrown for a loop when Nielson went out on a date with Kenny King.

According to Reality Steve, Randone and Nielson leave paradise together engaged, while Booth leaves paradise alone.

During episode 3, Randone tells Booth to be confident and “trust this to see where it goes”. He also told her not to worry about other women. Randone also told her that he sees potential in her and could see something amazing happening between them. Clearly, this ended up not being the case.

Colton Underwood Is Still Confused After Chatting With Becca Kufrin

Colton's Ex "Becca" Shows Up in Paradise Promo – Bachelor in Paradise 2018Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Episode 2 & 3) Promo2018-08-13T15:04:02.000Z

When Underwood’s recent ex, Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, shows up in paradise to chat with Tia Booth, he reaches a breaking point. Underwood has a meltdown, crying that it’s too much for him to handle. He also admits that he never got closure with Kufrin, telling cast member David Ravitz that, “This is the tipping point. I can’t be here. I thought I was strong enough to come here and move on but I don’t think I am.” Underwood and Booth, of course, do not end up together on the show, but does that mean they are done for good?

Reality Steve stated that, “I never know what to believe when Colton speaks, so even if he says he doesn’t see a future with Tia, it’s hard to take at face value. Unfortunately, even when this season is over, and Colton and Tia leave the show not as a couple, don’t think for a second that’ll be the end of it even if they say they choose to remain friends. You can thank Jared and Ashley for that.” For those unfamiliar, Jared Haibon was Ashley Iaconetti’s crush, who rejected her for years. On Bachelor in Paradise this season, the two return to paradise and get engaged.

While Underwood’s drama continues on episode 3, there are several couples forming and crushes heating up this episode. Eric Bigger and Angela Amezcua get into a little smooch session, while model Jordan Kimball is pleasantly surprised by a breath of fresh air in newcomer Jenna Cooper. Prior to Cooper’s arrival, Annaliese Puccini was the object of Kimball’s affection for episodes 1 and 2, so this definitely throws a wrench in that budding relationship. Reality Steve joked that, “It’s kinda hilarious how all into Annaliese that Jordan was in these first two episodes, going out of his way to impress her, pulling her aside for a nighttime picnic, making out with her on the beach, telling her how impressed he is by everything she does in her life, on and on and on this guy went overloading her with compliments, but here comes another blue eyed blonde with boobs and Jordan couldn’t run faster away from Annaliese for her. I think we can add yet another phobia to Annaliese’s long list: douchebag models.”