What Happened to Blake Horstmann on ‘The Bachelorette’ 2018 Finale?

Becca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann Engaged

ABC/Paul Hebert Pictured: Becca Kufrin and Blake Horstmann

On the finale episode of The Bachelorette 2018, Becca Kufrin said her relationship with Blake Horstmann had been special to her throughout the season. She also said that she envisioned him being “the one” at the end, while her relationship with Garrett Yrigoyen had moved slower. But, is it Horstmann who gets picked by Kufrin at the end of her journey as the Bachelorette? For those who do not want any spoilers on what happened on the finale episode of The Bachelorette, STOP READING NOW.

Kufrin told the cameras on the finale that she had been in love with Horstmann for some time. She said that he was incredible, kind and couldn’t wait for him to meet her family. Horstmann admitted to being nervous before meeting Kufrin’s family, who said that he looked like a movie star when he was walking up to them.

Horstmann said that he was terrified to lose Kufrin, but was really excited, at the same time. He also said that his relationship with Kufrin has felt so natural, though it was difficult to compete with so many other men. All of the family members felt that Horstmann was a great match for Kufrin and that they seemed to be each other’s equals. Horstmann told Kufrin’s sister, Emily, that he couldn’t imagine his life without the Bachelorette with him. Emily told Kufrin that Horstmann would challenge her and make a good teammate. Kufrin cried to her sister that she always felt that Horstmann would be the one, but then Yrigoyen crept into her heart.

During their final solo date together, Horstmann says that Kufrin deserves “the happiest of endings.” He said no one can make her smile like he can and that they will get through life as a team. Kufrin tells the cameras that she and Horstmann are just so much alike, that Horstmann is so open and vulnerable. She says that her connection to Horstmann was instant and that she knows he would make the best father, husband, and partner in crime. Kufrin also tells the cameras that she got clarity during the final week, saying she could see Horstmann standing in front of her, professing his love. And she could see herself doing the same back to him.

With that said, Reality Steve reported, before the beginning of the season, that, though there were rumors Horstmann was the winner, Kufrin picks Yrigoyen. At the top of the finale, show host Chris Harrison said that the runner-up was left completely heartbroken. Going into his proposal, Horstmann said that to have his relationship taken away from Kufrin would absolutely break him. Unfortunately for him, he faced rejection on proposal day.

When Horstmann proposed, he said that Kufrin constantly inspires him to be a better man. He said she was intelligent, genuine, funny and kind-hearted. Horstmann said that he knew she was special from the first time that he met her. He also said that he wants to make her smile for the rest of their lives. He also said, “You are the right person.”

Upon asking Kufrin to marry him, Kufrin said that he has been the most solid relationship throughout her journey on the show. She also said that, because their connection was so solid, she may have overlooked other relationships. She then said that she’s not ready to say goodbye to Yrigoyen. She also admitted that she had seen him as “the one” for so long, but that they would be better fitted apart.

Holding Kufrin’s hands, Horstmann was practically speechless at first, saying that he didn’t expect this kind of response. He then said that he couldn’t believe it. Kufrin said she has been in his shoes and understands how he feels. Horstmann then asked her, “What changed?” Her reply that nothing had changed, but that Yrigoyen was the best fit for her. Horstmann then said, “I love you,” before he walked away.

He then broke down, crying over the thought of Yrigoyen proposing to Kufrin. When asked on the live finale episode if he was still in love with Kufrin, Horstmann said that he will always have love for her. When the former couple came face to face, they still seemed to share a great chemistry, but Kufrin still maintained that Horstmann wasn’t the better fit for her life in the long run. The two were still very friendly and complimentary towards each other … Maybe if things don’t work out with Yrigoyen, there’s still a shot for these two …? Or, will Horstmann be the next star of The Bachelor 2019? Horstmann fans probably are crossing their fingers.