Brandi Redmond & Husband Bryan Adopt Baby Boy Bruin

Brandi Redmond Baby


At the end of season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas, it was revealed that Brandi Redmond and her husband, Bryan, were trying for a third child. Unfortunately, the two were unsuccessful at naturally conceiving, but they ended up with a dream come true when they adopted a baby boy named Bruin Charles. Redmond appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live and revealed that her friend, Stephanie Hollman, helped to make it happen. According to People, Hollman hooked the Redmonds up with the social worker who facilitated the adoption.

When it comes to Hollman’s helping Redmond get into the adoption process, she told People that, “It’s the thing I’m the most proud of in our friendship. I know she has wanted another baby forever, and a baby boy at that. To be a part of fulfilling that dream for her, even in the smallest way, is just so, so special.” Holland said that before she got married, she actually had a job in social work.

Redmond had exhausted her efforts in conceiving, her fertility was declining and she had a miscarriage. She said on Real Housewives of Dallas that, just when she and her husband had given up, Holland called them and asked them if they wanted to adopt a baby boy, who happened to have red hair, just like Redmond and her husband.

On WWHL, host Andy Cohen asked Redmond if she worried about being contacted by the birth parents because she is recognizable on television, but Redmond said she isn’t worried. Redmond said that it was a closed adoption. She also revealed that her son’s birth parents were teens and they supposedly didn’t even look at Bruin when he was born so that they could more easily disconnect.

In addition to fans being able to follow Redmond’s adoption journey on Real Housewives of Dallas, there is also the Bravo digital series RHOD: Brandi Redmond’s Baby Story. It is a new seven-episode series that follows Redmond for all the ups and downs of her adoption process.

Baby Bruin was born on December 31, 2017 and was welcomed into the Redmonds home. The Redmonds were already parents to Brinkley, 6, and Brooklyn, 9, at the time.

Redmond said that everything basically happened overnight when she and her husband adopted Bruin, so her children didn’t have much time to get used to the idea before their new baby brother entered their lives. When BFF Holland got to meet little Bruin, she started crying and gushed over him, saying how “beautiful” he was. Holland told the cameras that she was so happy for Redmond, who said that she wasn’t going to tell the other cast members about her new baby “until the time was right”.

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