Why Is Britney Spears in Scarborough?

britney spears scarborough


Britney Spears’ and Scarborough were two terms trending on Tuesday, and many people were struggling to figure out why.

If you’re not a fan of the Pop Queen, you may not know that she’s currently on a big UK tour called “Britney: Piece of Me.” Scarborough’s Open Air Theater marks one of Britney’s biggest stops on the tour.

Interestingly though, we’ve got some time before Spears performs. She isn’t going to hit the Scarborough stage until August 17 at 6pm. After that, she’ll make her way to Manchester and Dublin, followed by Glasglow.

Some of the world’s greatest performers have played at the Scarborough Open Air Theater, including Lionel Richie, who took to the stage earlier this summer.

The mother of two made headlines recently after forgetting where she was performing during a concert. That’s right– a video clip posted on Twitter shows her turning to a dancer and asking loudly “Where are we?” before turning back to the audience and yelled, “What’s up, Brighton Pride!”

Understandable. After all, the Piece of Me Tour has taken Spears across the globe, to Asia, North America, Europe, and the UK. The tour started in the summer of 2018, and the rest of the locations were announced in January. Put lightly, Britney has had one busy year.

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