Which Celebrities Will Appear on ‘Fear Factor’ Tonight?

Which Celebrities Will Appear on 'Fear Factor' Tonight?, fear factor gaming celebrities august 7 2018


Tonight’s episode of Fear Factor is called “Breaking the Internet” and will feature a cast of viral stars.

Interested in learning more about tonight’s competitors? Read on:

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley’s Instagram following– 6.3 million followers– is enough to prove just how big of a viral sensation he is.

SSSniper Wolf

SssniperWolf, whose real name is Alia Shelesh, is one of the most famous Youtubers in the world. She has over 10 million subscribers and her videos have been watched over 2 billion times. She’s competed in a number of gaming tournaments, from DOOM to Call of Duty.

JC Caylen

JC Caylen, 25, is a Youtube personality from San Antonio. He has over 9 million subscribers and his videos have been watched over 400 million times. The 25-year-old uploaded his first public video in 2010.

He attended The University of San Antonio for a brief time before dropping out to focus on his Youtube career.

La La & Kway

WATER IN THE FACE PRANK- BACKFIRED!LaLa always wins everything!! But not today!! Thanks for watching!! #KwayLaGang LaLa's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2s8LIoyYEf3uUjtoX42_kQ Kways Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt42rXiddaMx0QSVHNnEkFQ WANNA REACH US? Email: KwayandLaLa@gmail.com ***Follow us Everywhere!!*** LaLa's Pages http://www.Twitter.com/lalasizahands89 http://www.Facebook.com/lalasizahands http://www.Instagram.com/lalasizahands89 http://www.LalaNation.com Kway's Pages http://www.Twitter.com/blameitonkway http://www.Facebook.com/blameitonkway http://www.Instagram.com/blameitonkway http://www.Blameitonkway.comLaLa's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2s8LIoyYEf3uUjtoX42_kQ Kways Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt42rXiddaMx0QSVHNnEkFQ2018-04-09T21:37:57.000Z

La La and Kway are, in their own words, “Best friend goals!!!”. THe pair has a Youtube channel with over 14 million subscribers, and decided to do the channel together to “show the world that there’s more to us than just skits.”

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