‘Chesapeake Shores’ Season 3 Premiere: What Time & Channel Does It Air Tonight?

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Season 3 of Chesapeake Shores is finally premiering tonight and fans are excited. They’ve been waiting a long time for the show to return. Here all the details on how to watch the show tonight, Sunday, August 5, and a refresher on where we left off.

CHESAPEAKE SHORES’ SEASON 3 PREMIERE DATE & TIME: Season 3 of Chesapeake Shores is premiering tonight, Sunday August 5, at  9 p.m. Eastern/ 8 p.m. Central. This is the normal time for Hallmark series to air. With The Good Witch just recently concluding, Hallmark viewers now have a new show to enjoy.

‘CHESAPEAKE SHORES’ TV CHANNEL:  Chesapeake Shores is on The Hallmark Channel. To find what channel Hallmark is on for you, click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then change the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your local provider. You’ll be able to scroll down to see what channel Hallmark is on for you.

‘CHESAPEAKE SHORES’ CAST: Your favorites are returning for another season, including Jesse Metcalfe as Trace Riley, Meghan Ory as Abby O’Brien-Williams, Barbara Niven as Megan, Laci J. Malley as Jess O’Brien, Emilie Ullerup as Bree Elizabeth O’Brien, Diane Ladd as Nell O’Brien, Treat Williams as Mick O’Brien, Brendan Penny and Kevin O’Brien, Andrew Francis as Connor O’Brien, and more.

EPISODE TITLES: There are typically nine or 10 episodes a season, and so far we know the episode titles for the first four episodes. These are “An Open Book,” “The Way We Were,” “This Rock Is Going to Roll,” and “Once Upon Ever After.”

WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Do you need a refresher on how Season 2 ended? We have the details for you right here.

In the Season 2 finale called “Freefall” (Trace’s song that relaunched his career), Trace and Abby worry about how their future together will work out if Trace leaves for a worldwide tour. Trace and his band members call their old label head, Mark Hall, to talk about working out a new deal. He offers a six-month arena tour. Trace tries to convince Leigh that they’re not ready, but she’s not buying it. Mark later confronts Trace and tells him that he can’t have everything, and success comes with a price.

Abby talked to Douglas, a father of a student at her kids’ school, about his becoming a partner with Mick on the O’Brien Trust Project. There are sparks between the two, but it’s mostly on Mick’s side because Abby is really focused on Trace.

Trace ultimately decides not to go on tour. He doesn’t want to leave Abby. But Abby’s family tells her this is a bad idea, because he would be giving up everything. Abby wants to give Trace a chance at his dreams, just like she took when she went to New York. Trace doesn’t understand this and says he wants to spend his life with her. Abby tells him that if they’re meant to be, their relationship won’t be over.

Meanwhile, David told Jess that he has to leave the inn because his family needs him, but he doesn’t want to break up. David later reveals that his dad is Dennis Lyle Peck, who is now sick and needs help running a huge family business. He leaves at the end of the episode while Trace is performing.

During the episode, Bree learns that she can’t keep up with the publisher’s demands, and she’s mad at Simon for submitting her manuscript without her permission. She tells him to go back to England, so he leaves.

Things are going better for Kevin and Sarah, meanwhile. He realizes he can’t just be friends with her, and they kiss. Then he learns that he’s accepted into medical school at Stanford, but instead he’s about to start paramedic training.

Nell ponders a lost love from her past, the mysterious Dylan O’Malley. She said her biggest regret is never telling him how she felt.

So the season ended with the three O’Brien sisters about to be without the important men in their lives, and uncertainty about what will happen next.