Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Headband of the Day’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chrissy teigen headband of the day

Instagram/Chrissy Teigen Chrissy Teigen has developed a headband trend while on vacation with her family in Bali, even enlisting husband John Legend to make a theme song for it.

Chrissy Teigen has been trying out a new fashion trend while on vacation with her husband, John Legend, and two children in Bali.

The ‘headband of the day’ has become a fully fledged style for Teigen, even being accompanied by a theme song that Legend sings when she posts her latest headband choice to her Instagram story.

Here’s what you have to know.

1. Teigen Started the Trend While on Vacation in Bali

Teigen’s first ever hairband video occurred as a means to workout while on vacation in Bali with her family, according to Teigen. In the video, Teigen said, “Welcome to a series I call ‘Hairbands I wear to workout.'”

In the next video, Teigen calls out her latest hairband choice, to which Legend can be heard saying, “Ooh la la.” By the fourth video, Legend had created a fully fledged theme song for the ‘Headband of the Day’.

2. #HBOTD Is Fully Just a Hobby & Is Not Sponsored

Of her new headband trend, Teigen confirmed to fans that it was not an ad for any brands, and that she really just loves to wear headbands.

Teigen has since created a separate Instagram folder specifically to document her various hairstyle choices involving headbands. Nicole Galluci of Mashable was quick to point out that ‘headband’ is one word, so it really should be ‘HOTD’, but Teigen’s omnipresence on Twitter is so powerful that it seems unlikely anyone will care about her acronym choices.

3. Legend’s #HBOTD Jingle Has Been Coined ‘The Song of the Summer’

People recently described Legend’s made-up theme song for ‘Hairband of the Day’ as the song of the summer. The song goes, “Hairband of the day, hairband of the day. Push your locks away, with the hairband of the day.”

Of course, Legend could make literally anything sound Grammy-worthy, so it’s no surprise that he knocked this one out of the park.

4. Teigen Has Hinted That #HBOTD Will End With Her Bali Vacation

Though thousands of fans might be crushed when this occurs, Teigen recently tweeted, “I only have a few days left on this trip, I swear. I’ll be over soon!! Love you guys!!”

The tweet was in response to a segment on The Today Show dedicated entirely to the #HBOTD trend.

5. Fans Have Been Blowing Up Twitter With Responses to Teigen’s ‘Hairband of the Day’

Twitter has since exploded in response to Teigen’s ongoing ‘Hairband of the Day’ trend. Here are some responses below, which clearly run a wide range of emotions.

Some fans have even started to emulate Legend’s song, giving some pretty talented renditions of the catchy ‘Headband of the Day’ jingle.

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