Was Gale from ‘Better Call Saul’ on ‘Breaking Bad’?

Gale on Better Call Saul

AMC Gale on Better Call Saul

Tonight on Better Call Saul, another actor from Breaking Bad made an unexpected cameo. This time it was Gale Boetticher, played by David Costabile. This was the character that Gus visited who was singing about elements from the periodic table during Season 4 Episode 3. If he looked familiar, it’s because you definitely saw him before on Breaking Bad. 

Tonight, Gus told Gale that he didn’t want to use him to develop drugs because Gale could do better than that. But Gale was really eager to cook his own meth, and he was quick to point out the imperfections in the ones that Gus had him test.

On Breaking Bad, Gale was a chemist that Gus hired to set up a meth superlab. So it looks like Gus eventually changes his mind about using Gale after all. Gale has an MS in organic chemistry, described himself as a libertarian and a nerd, according to the Breaking Bad Fandom Wiki. He even impressed Walt with his side project to brew a superior cup of coffee.

There are some major spoilers about Gale on Breaking Bad below. 

In the Breaking Bad universe, Gale received Gus’s Max Arciniega Chemistry Scholarship at the University of New Mexico. Gus originally intended for Gale to be the only meth cook. Gale was the one who originally told Gus that Walter White’s meth sample was the best he had ever seen (99 percent pure quality.) In tonight’s Better Call Saul, the best sample was only around 67 percent pure. Gale was the one who got Gus to work with Walter White and put aside his hesitation about him.

In Season 3, Walter sets up Gale so he can fire him and hire Jesse in his place. Later, Gus rehires Gale as Jesse’s replacement (again). Ultimately, Jesse murders Gale while Gale is begging for his life.

Sadly, it would have been better for Gale if Gus had stuck with his decision on Better Call Saul to not involve Gale too much in the meth business. But it looks like Gus changed his mind.

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