Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’: Who Died In the Finale?

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Insatiable has only been out for a weekend, but the latest Netflix show has already sparked tons of controversy due to its depictions of weight and bullying. The season as a whole has been on the receiving end of criticism from fans, but few could have predicted the events that take place during episode twelve, “Why Bad Things Happen.”

Warning: There are several spoilers in the post below

“Why Bad Things Happen” alludes to the death of several characters, many of which were unexpected given the events that led up to them.

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The episode starts with Patty (Debby Ryan) realizing that she’s been kidnapped by Stella Rose (Beverly D’Angelo) and Roxy Buckley (Chloe Bridges). They plan on killing Patty and making it look like she committed suicide, but she’s able to break free and escape and run into the lovelorn Christian (James Lastovic). It’s revealed that Christian was the one who kidnapped Magnolia earlier in the series, so that he and Patty could kill her and Patty would “love him” again.

As is to be expected, things don’t go according to plan. “You said you wanted to be a winner, and winner’s win at any cost,” Christian says. “What kind of person would kidnap someone?” she replies. Christian tries to get Patty to kill Magnolia (Erinn Westbrook). When she refuses, Christian steps in and calls her a “bad person,” but Patty brutally strikes him in the head with a tire iron. She pummels him with the iron, screaming “I’m a good person!” until her face is covered in his blood.

The episode takes an even darker turn when Patty calls Bob and accidentally prevents him from committing suicide a second time. She asks him to help dispose of Christian’s body. After some squabbling, they try to push Christian’s car into the river but the car he’s in doesn’t get far. “This has been the worst day ever, I should have killed myself!”, Bob exclaims. “What else could possibly go wrong?!”

“Well…” Patty says. “I may have sorta killed Stella Rose.”

The episode does leave off on a cliffhanger, making it unclear whether Patty will get away with her crimes, or whether she’ll be caught. The almost uniformly negative reviews that the show has gotten certainly hasn’t helped its chances for a second season, but the cast and creator Lauren Gussis have been quick to defend their work.

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“It really comes from a place of compassion and it was such an eye-opening experience for me learning about things I could have never known,” Ryan told Variety. “Just walking through the world with friends and people close to me with very intense and visible weight fluctuations and watching the difference in their treatment ignited a fire in me. The rage was a lot of preparation for me.”

“Being able to laugh means you’re in on the joke, which means you identify,” Gussis adds. “That means people are going to be able to look at this and go, ‘I get that, and that means somebody else inherently gets me and I’m not alone, and I’m connected.’”

Insatiable season one is currently available to stream on Netflix.

For more details on whether the show will return for a second season, check out the link below.

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